2015 and 2016 Mizuno Generation Review

Mitzuno’s first entry into metal bats in 2015 has been quite impressive: The 2015 Mitzuno Generations bat features not only an intuitive design, extending the usable barrel length, but the swing weight is just right for a lot of players and the price remains very affordable for what, after all, is a performance bat.

Some players have been dissapointed with the grip’s durability, and damping the sting on mishits could use some changes, however, we still recommend the Mizuno Generations 2015 to anyone looking for a middle of the road swing weight.




  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for NCAA & NFHS Play
  • Balanced Swing Weight – Faster Swing Speeds, More Bat Control
  • BBCOR Certified – Approved for Play in H.S. and Collegiate Leagues
  • Digi-Grip – Improved Feel and Control
  • Pentad Wall Thickness Technology – 5 Distinct Zones of Varying Barrel Wall Thickness for a Massive Sweet Spot
  • Proprietary Mizuno Single Wall, Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy Design – Max Combination of Performance and Durability


· Durable

· If anything does happen to it, it comes with a 12 month guarantee

· An affordable price



· The grip wears out in time, although it is easily replaced

· Due to its aluminum construction, non-sweet spot hits can cause considerable vibration, this is expected with a one piece aluminum bat.

· It can take a few swings for some players to get used to the bat’s specific feel

Mizuno 2016 Generation: What’s new?

Mizuno already took the market by storm last year and went far ahead of the pack in terms of both durability and performance. In 2016, it takes its already impressive design to greater heights. The new Mizuno generation is made from an improved Aerospace Grade Alloy, increasing strength and providing players with firm durability, allowing them to get through the longest seasons.

The swing weight of each model has been optimized with a lower MOI (moment of inertia), one can expect the bat to feel lighter and very smooth swing through the hitting zone this time around. Mizuno’s proprietary Variable Wall Thickness Technology will has also amplified the traditional, single wall barrel bat’s performance.

The barrel’s performance and sweet spot have been optimized with its six distinct wall thicknesses. This gives you a design that is very forgiving when you make off-center contacts, solving some of the vibration issues of last year’s design.

The grip, which was a point of contention with last year’s design, has also seen improvement with the new synthetic leather grip that provides the tack you need in order to achieve complete control and confidence in the field.

In conclusion, Mizuno’s new generation completely surpasses it’s already impressive design from last year. The weight has been optimized, the swing has been re-balanced and the much complained about grip has been improved.

With such improvements within just two generations, we can only marvel at what Mizuno will be doing next year.

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