2015 Adidas EQT X2 Review

Many people aren’t aware Adidas makes baseball bats, it does. Being a global leader in sports apparel, the firm has made a debut in the manufacture of baseball bats and so far, the results are impressive. Adidas EQT franchise consists of X1 and X2 bats which are both available in BBCOR sizes. 2015 Adidas EQT X2 is a 2-piece hybrid bat that features a proprietary permalock connection that joins together the aluminum barrel and composite handle.

It also comes with a thermoplastic end cap which guarantees a maximum plate coverage and swing weight. For those interested in a less stiff hit, it would be wise to go for EQT X2. The composite handle paves way for a smoother feel during contact.

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  • Barrel Profile Design meant to facilitate optimum control and bat speed
  • Texin End Cap made of durable material
  • Complete 12-months Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Optimal Barrel Flexibility is achieved thanks to quality performance Alloy.
  • EQT X2 features a 2-Piece Construction Design
  • This bat has Permalock Connection Technology


2015 Adidas EQT X2 bat makes an awesome ping sound at contact. In addition, the hitting surface of this bat is enlarged courtesy of the thermoplastic end cap and Damascus alloy. From this well-thought out design of the X2, it is clear Adidas were keen on achieving sophistication at its very best. Just like EQT X1, this X2 bat has a beautiful and eye-catching Damascus Steel look. Even though a host of technologies are built into this bat, simplicity is also incorporated to make it easier to use this bat.

The game-changing technologies included in X2 have an ultimate aim of increasing the sweet spot in order facilitate better user experience. If you’re looking for a baseball bat that will offer you balance, boost bat speed as well as better control, Adidas EQT X2 will offer you all these benefits.

Adidas EQT X2 is BBCOR certified and therefore, is approved for both high school and collegiate play. In addition, it comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.



  • Balance: If you appreciate having a well balanced bat, the EQT X2 has been designed for the contact hitter
  • Performance: This bat is associated with good performance thanks to the large sweet pot
  • No Vibration: This awesome bat offers players a firm and comfortable grip because vibration has been minimized
  • Durability: Manufactured from high quality materials, EQT X2 is a good quality bat which can serve well for an extended period of time


No cons yet. Everyone on the entire team wants to have this bat and therefore, games will be more competitive.


Our readers’s review

A lot of consumers praise Adidas EQT X2 especially for its nice general feel, pop, durability and absence of vibration. Overall, users who’ve used this baseball bat admit it performs impressively.


If you want a durable and top performing baseball bat that will contribute to your success in the game, Adidas EQT X2 baseball bat is a smart choice.

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