2015 DeMarini CF7 Review

The 2015 DeMarini CF7 is solid, soft and strong through the zone thanks to the groundbreaking technology to the game. The bat contains a Paradox Plus Barrel with FT (flame tempered) treatment which makes use of solid carbon fibers and a complex rod insert to create a lighter, yet stronger bat which removes sting on off-center hits.

This bat also features a Low Pro end cap to make sure there is a more balanced swing weight. Latest special deals on this bat HERE.


  • FT (flame tempered) treatment combines the handle to the barrel to offer the best stiffness and strength
  • Rotation Index numerical system which reminds the players to frequently rotate their bat to ensure extended life
  • 100% complex construction for improved feel with excellent responsiveness
  • Ultra-stiff D-Fusion handle with a Paradox Plus complex rod for reducing sting on off-center hits
  • Thermo-Fused Taper that forwards energy into the sweet spot to boost the ball at the same time reducing vibration.
  • Anatomically-created RCK knob which enables the bat to lie perfectly in your hands
  • Half and Half 2-piece hitting system which provides a fine-tuning benefit to stop feedback noise on off-center hits
  • Paradox Plus complex barrel which makes use of carbon fibers to create a lighter, yet stronger bat with optimal swing weight and highest pop
  • Dual –density, flat Low Pro end cap to make sure there is a more balanced swing weight, while sustaining essential feel through the barrel


  • Superb balance on swing weight
  • Big sweet spot
  • Zero vibrations
  • Insane and plenty of pop
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Paradox Plus complex material
  • 12-month limited warranty
  • 2-piece construction which removes sting and vibrations
  • Lighter and stronger barrel
  • Created to fit perfectly fit in the hand


  • High price tag. Could be a little expensive for some people
  • So far not available as compared to other baseball bats
  • A good break in period is required when using the bat


It is without any reasonable doubt that the 2015 DeMarini CF7 is great for players. If you can afford it, you should proceed and purchase it because it will absolutely be worth the money you will spend on buying it. It comes with an incredibly light swing.

When you purchase it expect nothing but complete maximum performance from it as that is what it is created to provide. If you are losing confidence in baseball, this bat may be the perfect tool you need to regain your confidence.

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