2015 DeMarini Overlord FT Review

The 2015 DeMarini CF7 Overlord FT has the ultimate power and performance to rule the game. This bat contains a D-Fusion FT (flame tempered) paradox plus handle and complex rod provides a flawless connection between the handle and the barrel, making a specific-stiff feel with incomparable bat strength.

It also features an RCK knob which is anatomically created to enable the bat to fit perfectly in your hands. Take a look at some great prices on this bat here.


  • RCK knob which is anatomically-created to enable the bat to fit perfectly in your hands
  • FT (flame tempered) treatment combines the handle to the barrel for the best strength and stiffness
  • X12 fine-tuned barrel which provides a proprietary mixture of alloy agents, enhancing the best possible strengths at the thinnest points
  • Half and Half 2-piece hitting system which provides a fine-tuning benefit and removes feedback sound on off-center hits
  • Voodoo Grip that provides supreme track and effort
  • 2-piece Ion V end cap which removes sting as it directs energy to the sweet spot
  • Thermo-Fused Taper which forwards energy into the barrel to move the ball as it reduces vibration
  • Innovative fusion construction which comprises of alloy materials and high-grade complex
  • D-Fusion Paradox Plus handle with complex rod insert which provides specific-stiff, with a great responsive feel


  • The FT (full tempered) handle combines to barrel: This technique of combining the two parts eliminated the vibration creating a stiff combination of the two elements. The force of hitting the ball is rebounded to the barrel.
  • The price is more affordable. This is in comparison to other brands which belong to the same category and makes this bat an economical investment.
  • Combination Bats: As these bats contain a complex handle and an alloy barrel, in which the sting and vibration is reduced, these states have been proven to enhance players’ confidence.


  • Turns out to be slippery with minimum care and use.
  • Recommended not to be used during extremely low temperature


Players searching for bat which swings easily and removes the sting of making bad contact with fast pitches require the 2015 DeMarini Overlord FT. A power hitter can gain from the superb balance the bat offers and its durability means players can get familiar with it and not be concerned about having it broken into half by an inside fastball. For its price and great specifications, the bat is highly recommended for players at all levels.

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