2015 Marucci CAT 6 and the Elite Limited Review

Marucci is one of the top brands professional players use in the Big Leagues for a reason. Players’ needs inspire every design and style, and the brand’s quality is unimpeachable. The new and improved bats in the 2015 line – the CAT 6 and the Elite Limited – improve on Marucci’s proven technology. 

Marucci CAT 6. Image Courtesy of JustBatReviews.com

Marucci CAT 6. Image Courtesy of JustBatReviews.com

2015 Marucci CAT 6


  • AZ3000 is the best metal for aluminum bats currently on the market today. It stands up to heavy hitting with ease, filling a player’s two core requirements in a bat: performance and durability.
  • One-piece construction ensures that, even though the bat is metal, it has the same consistency as a traditional wooden bat.
  • Ergonomic knob offers superior control over every swing.
  • Tapered handle improves balanced feel and offers excellent grip.
  • Continued balance through the barrel creates a larger sweet spot for perfect hits.
  • The wall thickness is carefully optimized to allow the best swing speeds without compromising durability.
  • Ring-free design means your bat’s construction won’t limit the performance of your swing.
  • Ant-vibration technology takes the sting out of the swing by absorbing harsh vibrations from contact.


  • The bat did so well during its first season professional testers suggested no changes for the 2016 model.
  • One-piece construction offers a similar feel and consistency as a traditional bat.
  • Ant-vibration technology takes away the sting of contact.
  • Massive sweet spot.
  • Knob and handle design provide superb balance and control.
  • Wall thickness allows for maximum speed with every swing.


  • Professional quality bat means it comes with a professional price tag. Not all players can afford this bat.
  • Metal bats are not allowed in actual competition in the Big Leagues and some smaller leagues.


Marucci Elite Limited


  • Two-piece bat that features seamless design aims to offer the best of both worlds.
  • Micro-perforated grip makes for a good hold and optimal control of every swing.
  • One of the lightest bats in its class, which means your swing is uninhibited by excess weight, making for a more powerful swing.
  • Long barrel makes for an enlarged sweet spot.
  • Ring-free design ensures the construction of your bat does not hinder the performance of every contact and reduces vibration.
  • Patented technology allows Marucci to combine aluminum and composite materials, making for an incomparably light bat in its class.


  • Two-piece design that feels like a one-piece makes the bat a versatile option for players who prefer honest feedback from contact.
  • Tremendously large sweet spot.
  • Extremely light bat compared to others in its class thanks to patented technology.


  • Difficult to find and will soon disappear from the general market because line was discontinued.
  • Some players who preferred a two-piece design did not like the features that make the bat more like a one-piece, and one-piece players typically prefer a one-piece bat.
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