2015 vs 2016 Rawlings 5150 Review

The Rawlings 5150 lives up to the 5150 name Rawlings has created for this line of bats.  It’s is well-known as a bat that performs well and is still reasonably priced – check out the best deals here. 

The one-piece construction of the 2015 model includes an end cap that is equivalent to the end cap of the Velo, changing the 2015 version from an end-loaded to a balanced bat.  This has resulted in a lower swing weight than the earlier versions of the 5150 (those from 2013 and 2014).  This lower swing weight is a boon for some players and unpopular with others.


  • Design is one-piece alloy
  • Length-to-weight ratio of -3
  • Barrel size is 2 ⅝ inches
  • Comp-Lite End Cap
  • Approved for both collegiate and high school play with BBCOR certification
  • Swing weight is fully balanced
  • Precision-Optimized Performance (pOp) Technology


  • Low price point for higher-end bat
  • Composite end makes for a lightweight swing compared to predecessors
  • Lower MOI than previous versions of the 5150
  • Great pop
  • Great balance
  • Good grip
  • Fast bat speed
  • Highly durable
  • Good sized barrel


  • Strong vibrations with mishit
  • Some players are unhappy with the composite end cap
  • Heavier swing weight than the Rawlings Velo (although some players prefer this)
  • Higher price point that previous models (still competitive)
  • Small knob at the end of the handle
  • Very loud when it hits
  • Not a great pop (according to some players)

2016 Rawlings 5150: What’s New?

The 2016 Rawlings 5150 has one major change from its 2015 predecessor.  While it is still available in a single-piece construction, there is also a two-piece option.  The two-piece construction uses the same alloy for the construction of the barrel, but the handle is made from a composite material, which results in less of a sting when making contact.

Both the one-piece and two-piece constructions of the 2016 model have the composite end cap, like the 2015 version, which results in a lightweight swing. This, the transition from an end-loaded bat to a balanced bat, is something many players who were fans of the pre-2015 version of the bat had to get used to.

The one-piece 2016 Rawlings 5150 is available in three 2 ⅝ versions, which include BBCOR, drop 5, and drop 10.  There is also a 2 ¼ size youth barrel that is drop 13.  The two-piece hybrid version of the 2016 model is only available in a 2 ¾ drop 10 version.

Overall, the one-piece 5150 will provide players with a solid hit, provided they don’t mind the sting of a mishit.  It truly is a slugger of a bat.  On the other hand, it remains to be seen how well the hybrid version of the 2016 model will perform.  It certainly provides a twist to the traditional Rawlings 5150.  And of course, the price of the 2016 Rawlings 5150 is just as reasonable and competitive as previous models.

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