2015 vs 2016 Rawlings Trio Review

The 2015 Rawlings Trio is a BBCOR Approved Balanced Baseball Bat that is virtually the same as the 2014 version, the first Rawlings Trio bat on the market.  The only changes that were made were changes in the graphics. 

The 2015 bat is constructed using an amalgamation of three separate pieces – a composite end cap, composite handle, and 5150 alloy barrel – that are brought together to form a bat that is lightweight, but still has a decent sized barrel with a large sweet spot.  This is ideal for players that are looking for a well-balanced, lightweight bat.


  • Advanced 3-piece Trio Technology, with a composite end cap, composite handle, and 5150 alloy barrel welded together for superior functionality
  • Balance-loaded bat, which makes the barrel feel lighter and allows for an increased swing speed and overall improved performance
  • Superior and comfortable grip made from synthetic leather
  • Two available versions: the balanced version with a balanced/light swing and the end-loaded version with a balance point/swing weight that is located deeper within the bat
  • Comes in BBCOR 32-, 33- and 34-inch versions
  • Precision-Optimized PerformanceATM pOp Technology
  • Length-to-weight ratio of -3
  • Barrel size is 2 ⅝ inches


  • The light swing is balanced for ease of use
  • Greater swing speed
  • Awesome coverage of the plate
  • Has sting-dampening
  • Provides good aluminum contact
  • 12-month warranty from the manufacturer
  • Very low MOI
  • Improved barrel reflex
  • Sting dampening for those who prefer it


  • Many players feel the bat loses its pop too quickly
  • It has been reported that the grip wears out too quickly
  • Players have reported issues with cracking during the transition
  • Design not necessarily better than other high-end bats, particularly 2-piece bats
  • Composite end cap does not necessarily lower swing weight or extend the barrel length
  • Not recommended for hitters who want a bomb-dropping bat
  • Not good for players who want to feel the sting when they mishit

2016 Rawlings Trio: What’s New?

The 2016 Rawlings Trio is very similar to its 2015 predecessor.  The primary difference between the 2016 and 2015 versions, aside from changes in the graphics, is that the 2016 version is approximately 20% bigger that the 2015 version.  The result of this change is that the barrel is larger and provides the batter with variation in barrel thickness, providing a larger sweet sport without compromising the swing weight of the bat.

Aside from the difference in the size of the sweet spot, the 2016 Rawlings trio is the same as the 2015 in terms of the three-piece construction of composite end cap, composite handle, and allow barrel.  The 2016 also compares well to similar bats.  With its loud ping on contact with the ball and its larger sweet spot and lightweight swing, the 2016 is a decided improvement over its predecessor.  The 2016 Rawlings Trio is taking the field by storm for those who prefer a good-quality hybrid bat.

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