2016 Combat Vigor Review

The 2016 Combat Vigor is the best tool to increase your batting stats. It has a definite wall construction and flexible stiffness which allows barrel firmness upon contact, increasing power at every bat. It features a special Precision Molded Seamless Construction in which each swing delivers pure, strong energy and a huge sweet spot. Its shape and hardness are seamlessly balanced for the best performance due to the Precision Molding Technology.

Is this bat worth your bucks?

Quick Reviews

  • Precision Molded Seamless Construction guarantees constant power
  • Ultra-Premium Lizard Skins ensure grip for enhanced control and bat accuracy
  • PMT (Precision Molding Technology) give harness accuracy and constant molding
  • Its definite wall, one-piece complex construction provides enhanced performance and durability
  • MAXUM Technology offers the biggest sweet spot achievable


Check it out! There is a new version of this bat available for this particular model.

2017 COMBAT VIGOR -3 BBCOR is available on Amazon


This bat has many benefits for baseball players, particularly for senior leagues. The sweet spot is extended due to the seamless design and accuracy molding. It is most likely the most forgiving and largest sweet spot among bats used for the senior leagues which means that you will not get the unpleasant energy in your hands and fingers when hitting the ball just slightly off.

Additionally, this bat is very robust because of its design and material. The composite material provides some advantages. Apart from being able to be used for a very long time, it allows you to swing the bat quicker in order to be able to put extra force in your hits, and you are able to hit longer distances to achieve extra bases and home-runs instead of singles only.

You can make extra contact with the ball with better ball control. The one-piece construction also provides huge feedback on your contact quality.


The bat may be too good, so your league may not permit it and that is why you should first ensure that this bat can be allowed in your league. In certain leagues, the 2 ¾ diameter may be too large.

Certain players who are accustomed to aluminum bats may not be satisfied with the quiet sound of composite bats. They may even assume that the baseball is not coming off the bat quickly as compared to aluminum bats, even though it is in fact quicker.

In A Nutshell

The Combat Vigor is recommended to a few different groups. Particularly, those who actually appreciate the experience of a one-piece bat but as well require a light swing and are fairly of a budget.

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