2016 Demarini Uprising Review

The 2016 Demarini Uprising is a good baseball option if you are looking for a bat with a good price, a light swing, high performance and of course durability. It’s the latest in the Uprising line of bats and it comes revamped with a DX1 Alloy, a high KSI strength aluminum material built to provide hybrid grip and performance.

The Uprising also has the USSSA 1.15 stamp of Approval.


  • 1-Piece Bat Construction,
  • 100% DX1 Alloy,
  • Hybrid Performance Bat Grip,
  • 2 ¼” Barrel Diameter,
  • 13oz Length to Weight Ratio,
  • One Year Company Warranty,
  • Thumbprint USSSA 1.15 Stamp of Approval,
  • And Dixie Pony, and AABC.


  • The Uprising has a light swing, which is perfect for kids and great for light weight hitters,
  • When hit right in the center of the Uprising barrel, the ball certainly takes a decent flight,
  • The Uprising undeniably looks cool, it has a nice paint finish that adds to it a good look,
  • The Uprising is certainly great for its price; no other bats within the price range can boast a similar of higher performance.
  • Unlike other brands, Demarini’s one year warranty is definitely good news for its buyers.


  • The Uprising is rather prone to denting,
  • The bat vibrates immensely on mishits,
  • Off center hits rarely make a ball speed,
  • There’s nothing notable about its end cap.


Many who have used and tested this bat gave it a 5 star rating. The parents were the happiest as most of them got a wink from their kids for the bat’s paint finish (look), light weight and swing.

Others with a small budget will gave it a nod . On the downside, other users did not give it a similar rating saying it doesn’t have a super amount of pop and that it vibrates a lot.


Generally you should often consider your hitting style, strength and league requirements when selecting your baseball bat. Big players tend to get more hits with heavier bats with added swing power while the younger, small or lighter players require a lighter bat for increased swing speed.


After considering several reviews and of course its features, we can say that the 2016 Demarini Uprising is without a doubt a great purchase for great hitters of light weight and for price range.

However, travel and comp players may not find it good enough since (this is one area that should be improved on in the next version) it is prone to denting. Otherwise it is great during off season.

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