2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid Review

The 2016 Easton Z-core Hybrid bat is a 2-piece construction featuring the game-changing Z-Core power and it will assist players to dominate the diamond. It contains the CXN Zero 2-piece technology which makes the most use of energy transfer for a cleaner contact, as well as the Z-Core internal technology offering maximum strength from the barrel.

The bat also has the SIC black carbon handle which removes vibration to give a more comfortable feel in your hands.


  • SIC black carbon handle which removes vibrations for a better feel for the players
  • CXN Zero two-piece ConneXion makes the most of the energy transfer for an optimized feel for players
  • HMX Hyperlite Matrix Alloy barrel which provides an extra sweet spot and better durability
  • Z-Core internal core technology which offers greater pop off the sweet spot
  • BBCOR certified
  • Ultra-thin 31/32 inches tapered handle which has Hyperskin grip of 1.2mm
  • Balanced barrel shape which contains a lower Swing Weight Index for faster speed of bat

Pros and Cons


  • The bat has a lower swing weight for quick swing speed
  • It produces more strength through a great sweet spot
  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty
  • It maximizes energy to offer players an optimized feel
  • The bat has an extended sweet spot and better durability
  • It is very well balanced : not hand weighted or end weighted
  • It has a fantastic pop


  • It gets dirty quickly
  • Too much grip


The 2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid bat is 2-pieced and is built with an aluminum barrel and a composite handle. The aluminum barrel contains a composite sleeve on the inside which gives it power and durability to be very over sized. Therefore, this bat happens to be one of the biggest swinging hybrid bats currently on the market.

Similar to the 2015S2z, this bat uses a spiraled shaped carbon fiber handle to remove sting on miss-hits. The swing weight of this bat measures around 15% lighter than the Z-Core XL model and also 10% heavier than the 2016 Mako which swings very light.

There is high recommendation for the 2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid bat to players who not only favor a performance-oriented aluminum barrel due to its hot out of the wrapper maximum power but also who value the lack of hand sting which a 2-piece offers. In addition, the bat is also recommended to players who are searching for a little heavier swinging bat which has a monster aluminum barrel.

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