2016 Marucci Wood Bats Review

The new 2016 Marucci Wood bats simultaneously serve a new and old-school purpose. These bats offer all the tradition and hardiness of the original wooden bat but with a more modern and functional flair. These particular bats come in two versions: the Anthony Rizzo Pro Maple Wood and the Buster Posey Maple Wood.

The medium and larger barrels found in the 2016 wooden bat iterations offer greater mass and more surface area for longer and harder hits.

Featuring numerous custom, professional, souvenir, and training models, the 2016 Marucci wood bats offer great balance and a solid “pop.” While not entirely unbreakable, they are extremely durable — and perfect for larger players and power hitters.



  • Comes in 31-, 32-, 33-, and 34-inch length options
  • Crafted by hand from the highest quality of maple wood from Pennsylvania forests
  • Anthony Rizzo Pro Maple Wood version
    • Medium diameter barrel
    • Medium tapered handle
  • Buster Posey Maple Wood version
    • Large diameter barrel
    • Thin handle
  • Traditional bat knob
  • -3 length to weight ratio
  • MLB approved Pro Ink Dot certified
  • Ultra Penetrating Stain
  • Crafted with a rubbing wood-sealing technique


  • Perfect for players with intermediate to advanced experience with wooden bats
  • The bone rubbing construction technique compresses and seals pores within the bat, making the bat sturdier and harder
  • Weight correctly distributed for power hitting; the Buster Posey version is end-loaded for smooth, tightly controlled swings
  • Offers the perfect “crack” for high-quality feedback
  • Ultra Penetrating Stain provides a great shining finish
  • Comes in multiple length options, allowing an almost customized batting experience for each player


  • At the end of the day, it is a wooden bat and while it is more durable than the average wooden bat, the heavy barrel and the right swing can cause breakage
  • While not particularly overpriced in comparison to some competitors, these are neverless above average in price for similar bats.



The 2016 Marucci wood bats are ideal for power hitters who prefer the traditional feel of a wooden bat with traditional knobs and larger barrels. Though neither model is invincible, both are more durable than your standard wooden bat. The choice between the Anthony Rizzo and Buster Posey models mostly boils down to whether you prefer enormous barrels with weighted ends or medium barrels with thicker handles that offer a more balanced swing.

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