The 2016 Rip-It Element One and Two Review

The 2016 RIP-IT Element One bat comes in two versions: Senior League and BBCOR. The Senior League version has a single piece design that, along with a balance point closer to where you hold it, give the hitter the illusion of swinging a wooden bat.

The Element One has a single piece alloy design using a proprietary Rip-it alloy blend. The BBCOR provides unequivocal feedback directly through the hands of the hitter as the balance point sits lower, near the end cap. RIP-IT has designed a no-frills bat that provides the hitter what he needs for the optimal batting experience.

Rip-It Element One

The Element One


  • Specially designed for the one, two, and three contact hitters
  • Single piece design
  • One color, white/black
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp
  • -10 length to weight ratio
  • Certified by BBCOR for both NCAA and high school use
  • Constructed with a two-piece alloy-composite hybrid
  • -3 Drop weight
  • Multiple sizing models:
    • Senior Leagues, with 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34-inch length options
      • Senior League with 2 5/8” barrel diameter (drop 10)
      • Senior League Big Barrel with 2 3/4 ” barrel diameter (drop 10)
    • BBCOR with 29, 30, or 31-inch options


  • Ideal for sharp, quick swings that hit the ball quite far
  • Well-suited for younger, smaller players
  • Good feedback quality, giving the batter the ability to tell how far the ball with fly and hence the number of bases they can run
  • Light swing weight
  • Good weight distribution and stopping power


  • Best suited for stronger hitters and those looking for faster, lighter swings
  • Limited grip protection against hand sting, the same problem that many one-piece aluminum bats face
  • The shorter barrel means a shorter sweet spot
  • No flare on the Senior Barrel versions


The Element Two

The Element Two is the first of its kind. It is similar in build to RIP-IT’s 2015 BBCOR Air Elite. It does, however, provides a lighter swing than the Air Elite — made possible by its newer R4 alloy barrel and composite handle.

Built primarily for physically smaller hitters, the Element Two has a two-piece design. It has a balanced swing weight, which, along with the flared grip and composite handle, gives the hitter a very smooth grip and makes the bat incredibly durable.

This premium bat is a high-quality piece of equipment with smoothness, lightness, and a balanced swing that make it an excellent choice for league or backyard play.


  • A 2 5/8″ barrel
  • -3 drop weight has a balanced swing weight
  • Choice of 31, 32, 33, and 34-inch length bat options
  • Composite handle and aluminum barrel
  • One color, black/white


  • Certified by BBCOR for both NCAA and high school use
  • 400-day warranty
  • 30-day love-it-or-return-it policy


  • There is no 30-inch option sold
  • Only a BBCOR model is available, so it is not a senior barrel bat
  • The barrel is smaller than many other composite bats
  • No 30-inch option
  • Small sweet spot
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