2017 Easton Z-Core Hybrid Review

Here we are going to talk about the 2017 Easton Z-Core Hybrid. You already know by now that the Easton brand always delivers a state of the art products on the market for every baseball enthusiasts, year after year. That’s the reason why they are one of the best in their field because they’re always trying to outdo themselves and that is an admirable quality.

The  Z – Core series are really quite popular among the users, so the 2017 Z – Core Hybrid edition is no different.  It’s a two – piece bat made out of Easton’s HMX that allows for the bat to be really lightweight and very durable at the same time. We love this feature from Easton.

The mix of the Z – Core technology and the hybrid construction for this model gives the proper enhancements that really improves the performance, not just of the bat, but also being a huge advantage for the player who holds it and really giving a boost of confidence. That’s why a handful of players all choose this bat when in game.

The increased sweet spot, the swing weight and the very light grip is what does the trip. This means, the bat consists of a composite handle and an aluminum barrel which are widely recognized for the ability to reduce the vibrations to a minimum.

2017 Easton Z-Core Hybrid vs 2016 Easton Z-Core Hybrid

This is definitely the biggest shortcoming of the 2017 Z – Core Hybrid. That is really quite similar to the 2016 edition. The two versions are two – piece hybrid bats of a composite handle and aluminum barrel.

The aluminum barrel is the same used in all of the Z – Core versions. So you can say that they didn’t change much from the 2016 Z – core Hybrid.

Things we like

It doesn’t mean that if it’s not that different from the previous model that  the 2017 Z – Core Hybrid edition doesn’t have it’s unique characteristics and performances.

Like every edition, this one also has really positive advantages. By reading testimonials and opinions from satisfied customers I can list 3 most common and most mentioned positives they had to say about this bat.

  • The excellent pop and slightly end loaded swing weight feels the 2017 Z – Core Hybrid has. Many say that is a huge advantage.
  • Really positive attitude about the construction of the bat. For many players that matter because it can really maximize their performance
  • The massive size of the barrel. Everybody has been impressed by this and how Easton managed to do this and this is maybe the most important characteristic of this model

Things we dislike

  • As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest shortcomings of this model is that is really similar to the 2016 version and if you are can more easily afford that version you will not have any regrets
  • The weight of the swing is not suited for everyone. If you are a player who prefers a lighter swing than you should consider a different kind of hybrid constructed bat.


Easton’s 2017 Z-Core Hybrid comes in BBCOR only. Of course, the bat is a drop 3 with 31, 32, 33 and 34 in length.

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