2017 Easton Z-Core Speed BBCOR Review

As I was looking throughout the internet for more information and user opinions on the 2017 Z – Core Speed, Easton latest addition to their  enormous collection that is there and available on the market for over a month now I was convinced that you can not get wrong with these guys. Easton did it again, with style.

2017 Eastin Z – Core Speed is affordable priced, one-piece, aluminum alloy construction bat that has the attributes of having a very low weight for the swing and very high speed at the same time. Also, it has one of the biggest size barrel of all the bats certified by the BBCOR. It has Easton Hyperskin grip attached with it. This innovative path reduces the vibrations and enhances the hold of the grip, all at the same time.

The 2017 Easton Z – Core Speed is definitely recommended and it’s a must buy for all the hard hitters out there who prefer very smooth swing and optimal balance for the bat without losing any of the power.

There are many features but I will mention only a few and the most important ones:

  • Length – weight ratio -3
  • Barrel diameter 2 5/8 inch
  • Tapered handle
  • Z – Core internal core technology is what gives the optimal sweet spot of the bat
  • Hyperlite matrix (HMX) alloy
  • Very low and light swing weight index


Things We Like

The 2017 Easton Z – Core Speed is a relatively new product on the market, but buyers are saying positive comments about the product already. There are really big advantages of this model that customers are really happy about. I will mention the most important ones.

  • A very long durability – it has a really extensive lifespan written all over it and that’s the main reason why so many customers are satisfied and happy. That is because of Easton own specialized aluminum alloy and the one piece construction that contributes to the stamina and durability of the item
  • The price is affordable – it’s really reasonably priced for the performance it gives and it has 12-month guaranty
  • Has an excellent sweet spot
  • Very well balanced
  • Much more pop

Things We Dislike

There is really not much negative to say about the 2017 Z – Core Speed model because they are so minimal and nitpicking. But according to some customers, it has some flaws

  • Denting – some customers were saying and reported that the bat experienced some dents after using that lead for the loss in the pop of the bat
  • Vibration – it can have some but everyone sad that is not something major and it doesn’t interfere with the performance and it was felt only when the ball was caught very low on the barrel
  • Heavy – Some players sad that the 2017 Z – Core Speed is too have for them

Also, we can add to this that we can’t recommend this model to someone who prefers a two piece construction bat, end loaded bat and who is just starting now.


The 2017 Z – Core Speed is for anyone who looks for a reasonably priced but at the same time well constructed, quality wise, well-balanced bat. Then this is the right bat for you. The disadvantages are so minimal, they can’t in any way interfere with your performance.

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