2017 Louisville Slugger 517 Omaha Review: Stiff. Powerful. Great looking

The 2017 Louisville Slugger 517 Omaha has evolved over the years and continues to be among the best options for players in the age group of 12 years and above. An aluminum bat that performs better than a wooden baseball bat, this one comes with advanced features that offer maximum performance.

If you are fans of Louisville Slugger and looking for the composite and 3-piece weapons, see the 917 series.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 517 BBCOR, Louisville Slugger Senior League Omaha 517

Features of Product

  • ST 7U1+ Alloy Barrel that offers stiffer feel on contact
  • Customized Lizard Skin Grip for better performance
  • Louisville Slugger trademark end cap for a balanced swing
  • BBCOR: 29 to 34 inches
  • Senior Barrel 2 5/8 Drop 10
  • Senior Barrel 2 5/8 Drop 5
  • Big Barrel 2 3/4 Drop 10
  • Junior Big Barrel 2 3/4 Drop 10
  • One-piece design
  • It’s Balanced

What we love

  • Power and Grip: Get a sweet spot and a stiffer feel with a one piece construction and use of the ST 7U1+ Alloy Barrel. Slugger promises to offer more power and an amazing look with the customized Lizard Skins Grip that also makes it easy to handle.  The end cap is a trademark feature of the BBCOR line of baseball bats by Louisville Slugger that offers a balanced swing weight and utmost speed to the bat.
  • Maximized Performance: A top choice for seasoned baseball players at the school and college level, the bat has a length to weight ratio of -3 and a barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inch. The 31/32 tapered handle offers maximum performance as on coming in contact with the bat, the ball is hit with utmost power.
  • Durability: Built using aluminum, this one weighs less than 3 pounds and is thus light in weight but the power is maximized due to the perfect barrel size. The one-piece bat is long-lasting and does not break easily when the ball is hit hard. It offers an experience similar to the wooden baseball bats.

 Sometimes we feel a slight sting on mishits 


This baseball bat comes with a BBCOR certification and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

As compared to other products in this category of baseball bats, the 517 Omaha Slugger offers a value for money as it promises maximized performance.


Even though the bat does not have any major cons, the hitting area is smaller but the power is max. The barrel is larger but not composite so this one may not be a preferred choice for some players. The bat is best for those who have a budget limitation but for others, there are better options in the BBCOR line by Slugger.


Overall, the bat offers a good performance as compared to the others in the category with a price that appeals to most parents.

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