515 Omaha vs 516 Omaha Review

The 2015 Louisville Slugger 515 Omaha is one of Louisville Slugger’s most premium baseball bats has returned after one year of not being developed. Now, it is considered a top shelf baseball bat. The 515 Omaha has a rather balanced swing weight and is a fantastically designed aluminum single piece baseball bat. Its name, Omaha, refers to the the durable and long lasting ST+20 alloy that Louisville Slugger has been using for quite some time.


Features of 515

-The Omaha 515 is perhaps the most versatile baseball bat on the market because of its large variety in sizes.

-7 sizes and lengths are available for the BBCOR baseball bat line.

-The 2 3/4 barrel comes in 7 lengths, as well, and has a drop 10.

-The 2 5/8 barrel comes in drop 5 and drop 10, in multiple lengths.

-The 2 1/4 barrel has a variety of lengths.

-The Omaha 515 is 10% less heavy than the Slugger 915 Prime.


Pros of 515:

-The Omaha 515 is ideal for those on a budget. It is affordable and of good quality for its attached price.

– It upholds brand and legacy, so it is not generic or commonplace.

-The Omaha 515 will provide you with a balanced swing.

-Offers the largest range in size varieties.

– Has a lighter swing because it is lightweight as a result of its alloy material.


Cons of 515:

-Do not purchase this baseball bat if you prefer a composite baseball bat with two pieces.

-This baseball bat will not provide you with an incredibly high MOI swing.



The 2016 Louisville Slugger 516 Omaha is a single piece aluminum alloy baseball bat built for immediate use and performance. It comes in a variety of sizes and the handle is lined with a lizard skin grip. Unlike the 515, the 516 is made with 7U1, an extremely lightweight allow that has led to major breakthroughs in the baseball bat’s design. By using this newer and less heavy allow, the 516 has a bigger area for the sweet spot. Amazingly enough, the 516 is nearly identical in size as the Slugger 916 composite baseball bat. The 516 baseball bat 2 1/4 barrels for the youth size are approximately 25% and the senior league with the drop 10 is approximately 40% bigger than the design for 515 from the previous year. Despite the tremendous and significant increase in size, the 516 Omaha has an approximately 8% lighter swing weight. The 516 is perfect for those who are seeking a light swing weight because barely any other baseball bat is comparable in this regard while having such a large barrel size.



The 515 is projected to be the best selling from all the Slugger baseball bats because of its good price and durability. The 516 is worth the additional cost because its added benefits and increase barrel size might outweigh the increase in price. The 516 is ideal for those who enjoy a single piece design, but do not feel the consequential ringing upon having a mishit.

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