715 Select vs 716 Select Review

The Louisville Slugger 715 Select is one of the top of the line baseball bats. Slugger views this bat as a hybrid containing 3 pieces. The handle is composite. The connective piece is made out of graphite. and The aluminum barrel is high grade. Due to its three part mechanism, Slugger gave the connective piece the clever name Tru3. The 715 five is a composite of the representative numbers. The 15 refers to the model’s release year, namely 2015. While the 7 is a reference to the particular series the baseball bat belongs to.


Features of 715

-The Louisville Slugger 715 comes in a variety of sizes and has multiple uses.

-BBCOR version ranges from 31 to 34 inches, referred to as a drop 3.

-The Big Barrel/Senior League baseball bat has a drop 10 and comes in a 2 3/4.

-The other Big Barrel/Senior League has a drop 5, drop 8, and drop 10 for the 2 5/8.

-While the youth baseball bat has a drop 11 with a 2 1/4 barrel.


Pros of 715:

– The 715 Select has strong branding and provides recognition for owning the bat.

– Perfect for hitters who dislike single piece baseball bats.

– Ideal for players who like the barrel to be aluminum.

– The hybrid baseball bat design is immaculate.

– Provides you with a smooth swing following upon contact.

– Fulfills the distance performance.

– Delivers increased speed on batted balls.


Cons of 715:

– The 715 does not have a light swing. So, this bat is not good for those who prefer that lighter feel.

– Not suitable if you prefer the stinging sensation of a single piece design.

– Expensive. Do not buy this baseball bat if you are on a limited budget.


The 2016 Louisville Slugger 716 Select provides a lighter design and feel than the 715. Though still a hybrid baseball bat, its focused barrel maintains the light feel and provides the occasional power hit. Because of its advanced design and powerful slug within the barrel and the handle, the sting is not as painful on a bad swing. The slug also keeps the baseball bat stiff and sturdy, assuring continual quality and optimal performance. Essentially, the 715 and the 716 remain identical. It would be difficult to make extreme performance changes to the 715 baseball bat because it is already superb. The quality of the 715 is so strong and acknowledged that it is being used widely on the collegiate levels. However, the 716 has a larger variety of sizes, making it accessible and usable by anyone. The 716 is available in senior and youth levels, as well as BBCOR. Noticeably enough, the 716 has a new visual design that distinguishes it from the 715. The 716 has a new color scheme to match a newly designed camo patterned lizard skin grip.



The 715 baseball bat is projected to have a successful run. It is well designed and will bring you results that will benefit your game and performance. The 716 baseball bat will allow you to hit a ball well because of its focused barrel.

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