Thanks for stopping by my blog www.thebaseballindex.com. My name is Coach Mark and I have been coaching since 2008. I have read and watched tons of videos on how to bring out the best in yourself, your team and your players.

Most of the articles on this website were not written by me, but rather by professionals. Most of the statements on this website are quoted, and are not all from the webmaster personally. I mean, who wants to take advice from a high school senior?

I have been playing baseball since I was seven years old. I have played on many tournament teams during the summer and fall to gain more experience. I have been to tournaments in Arizona, Cooperstown, and Tennessee and started on his varsity team all 4 years of high school.

I am still a young, devoted individual who is learning as I go while making this website. I hope that I can help other athletes that would love to play a higher level of baseball.

Over the years of coaching I began to realize that some coaches and players only cared about winning. Sure winning is great but as a coach or player you have to understand that how you practice is how you play. Bottom line.

I put together a collection of drills, tips, and strategies together on this website to help people like you have success as a coach or player. If you consistently implement just a few of these drills, tips, and strategies. Your team can’t help but improve.

Remember with improvement comes winning.

Enjoy my baseball drills, tips and tricks, and best of luck to you and your team.


Coach Mark

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