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Seattle Mariners 2018 Season Preview

The Seattle Mariners’ outlook for the 2018 season mirrors that familiar adage of looking at a glass of water, and characterizing it as being half empty or half full. The optimist would say that the 2018 version of the Mariners roster looks similar to last year’s version, in that there are no glaring weaknesses. The […]

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Atlanta Braves 2018 Season Preview

The laws of gravity state that “what goes up must come down.” But the Atlanta Braves, in particular, are hoping for the mirror opposite of such a law. Since fully committing to the “tanking” route, and bottoming out as one of the least successful and least watchable teams in baseball over the last few years […]

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Philadelphia Phillies 2018 Season Preview

The Philadelphia Phillies finished dead last in the National League East division last year, and were the 4th-lowest scoring team in the National League overall. However, if you were a betting person, you should definitely wager on both of those unfortunate statistics changing in the 2018 season. After a miserable start to last year, when […]

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Milwaukee Brewers 2018 Season Preview

In the two-and-a-half years since General Manager David Stearns took over the Milwaukee Brewers, becoming the youngest General Manager in MLB, the Brewers have steadily rebuilt their team, and are approaching contender status a bit earlier than most would’ve expected. Milwaukee was right in the thick of the Wild Card race until the last days […]

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2018 Season Preview San Francisco Giants

The 2018 San Francisco Giants really have nowhere to go but up. It seemed like they could not shrug off their series-ending bullpen collapse against the Chicago Cubs in the 2016 National League Division series, and that debacle seemed to linger with them all year long in 2017. After all, they finished with a 64–98 […]

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Los Angeles Angels 2018 Season Preview

In 2017, the Los Angeles Angels finished in a four-way tie for the first team out of the postseason in the American League. On one hand, you could look at that as a disappointment, considering the team had the 11th-highest payroll in Major League Baseball, and still had the best baseball player in the world […]

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Toronto Blue Jays 2018 Season Preview

The Toronto Blue Jays didn’t go out and spend a ton of money on a team that finished third place in the American League East division. Rather, they’re hoping the biggest thing they receive this year is something they can’t go out and tangibly acquire: better health in 2018, versus what they had in 2017. […]

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St. Louis Cardinals 2018 Season Preview

Baseball fans in The Gateway City aren’t accustomed to watching other Major League Baseball teams compete in the MLB postseason, while their St. Louis Cardinals head home after the regular season has been concluded. After all, this is a team that won 100 games in 2015. Back to Back Fails But after making the playoffs […]

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Houston Astros 2018 Season Preview

After the Houston Astros won their first World Series championship in the history of the franchise, the only question left that the team has to answer is: why can’t they do it again? The Las Vegas oddsmakers clearly believe the answer to that question might be a firm “yes,” considering they’ve given the Astros the […]

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New York Mets 2018 Season Preview

The National League East is a division of the “have’s” and the “have not’s.” The Washington Nationals have virtually all the pieces to be a World Series contender. The Atlanta Braves have maybe the best collection of young talent in all of baseball. The Miami Marlins and Philadelphia Phillies are the “have not’s,” as they’re […]

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