2015 & 2016 Axe Avenge Review: Which One is Better?

Baden the manufacturers of the Axe brand have been at the forefront of incorporating cutting edge technologies into their baseball bats. 2015 Axe Avenge is a 2-piece composite design that comes with the most durable and lightest carbon fiber available on the market.

A lot of fine tuning has been done to ensure high standards of durability and maximum pop are achieved. Axe Avenge 2015 has an Engineered Hitting Zone which strengthens the hitting face and makes use of directional flex within the handle. View the best prices on this bat here.


  • Ergonomically designed to offer a perfect fit for your hands
  • 2 1/4 inch Barrel Diameter
  • Longer Barrel with an Extended Sweet Spot
  • Balanced Feel
  • 2-Piece 100% Composite Design
  • ASA, NSA, ISA, USSSA and ISF approved
  • One-Sided Hitting thanks to the Engineered Hitting Zone
  • Ergonomically designed Patented AXE Grip to boost Bat Speed, Comfort, Better Control and Safety
  • Plus Plus Composite Construction
Axe Avenge

Axe Avenge


Interestingly, when Axe Avenge bat is held backwards, it works perfectly well especially if you hold it the right way; this is something many people don’t know. In addition, the axe shaped handle is an advantage because it increases the bat speed, allows the bat to quickly get to the point of contact in this case decreasing your reaction time as well as enabling the bat to get on the plane of the ball much faster.

2016 Axe Avenge is easy to adjust to and use after a few hacks. This means you can quickly get accustomed to using this bat without many complications. One Sided Hitting feature is also facilitated because of the uniquely shaped handle since it promotes greater durability and boosts performance of the bat.

2015 Axe Avenge Fastpitch bat is a 2-piece composite bat characterized with a moderate swing weight. The two pieces on the bat pave way for a smooth feel. Furthermore, the bat’s swing weight is balanced which makes it an ideal choice for many hitters.

The bat’s proprietary axe shaped handle boosts swing speed, reaction time as well as time in the zone. All these benefits go a long way towards improving ball speed and hence, better performance. In summary, Axe Avenge will give you an enjoyable hitting experience.



  • Top Performance: The handle is a perfect fit for your hands giving you a better grip which in turn, boosts performance
  • Durability: This Axe bat is designed with the best technologies that improve durability
  • Swing Speed: 2015 Axe Avenge design facilitates accelerated swing speeds which is key for good performance
  • Maximum Power: This bat is an ideal choice for hitters interesting on optimum power



2015 Avenge Axe is expensive for hitters who are looking for budget bats. In addition, you’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for a bat with an extremely light swing.



2015 Axe Avenge is the best choice for any fastpitch hitter out there keen on a high performance bat. In addition, this 2-piece composite bat that comes with a balanced swing weight and top bat speeds is definitely worth every cent.


2016 Axe Avenge Bat: New Features

This bat is among the latest offerings from Baden Sports incorporated with the latest technologies to maximize game performance. 2016 Axe Avenge bat comes in 3 major sizes of BBCOR, Youth Barrel and Big Barrel. Three unique features that come with 2016 Axe Avenge include;

Asymmetric Handle: Asymmetric handle comes with numerous benefits. This feature makes it possible to enhance proper swing mechanics. In addition, it is easier to drive the bat’s knob to the baseball. With such movement, swing speed will be boosted as well as reduce the time the barrel of the bat gets into the swing plane. This creates better opportunity for contact and allows better hit balls.

2016 Axe Avenge utilizes an ACR Insert (directional insert) within the bat to offer support for the contact side of the barrel. This great feature allows for more consistent performance as well as durability.

As an upgrade from 2015 Axe Avenge, the 2016 version knob casing comes with a wire framed design. Axe Bats call this the Endogrid knob. When compared and tested side by side with 2015 Axe Avenge, you will feel a difference.

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