2015 & 2016 Axe Elite Review: Should You Upgrade?

Axe has embarked on transforming good players into elite players thanks to the 2015 Axe Elite BBCOR baseball bat. This bat can be categorized as a 2-piece bat where two aluminum alloy pieces are used to manufacture both the back and front barrel while the handle and composite end cap have another two pieces.

The aluminum pieces on the front and back barrel are meant to facilitate optimal performance while the end cap ensures the bat has a balanced swing. A combination of elements exists to boost durability and performance under one-sided hitting. Take a look at the best prices on this bat here.

2016 Axe Elite

2016 Axe Elite. Image of Axebat.com


  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Composite Handle designed to boost durability and swing speed
  • Ergonomically designed Patented Axe Grip to maximize control, safety, comfort as well as bat speed
  • -3 Length to Weight Ratio
  • LP2 Scandium Alloy barrel features an enlarged Sweet Spot for optimum performance
  • BBCOR Certified; 2015 Axe Elite has been approved for High School and Collegiate Play
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber End Cap whose purpose is to improve balance by eliminating excess weight



2015 Axe Elite stands out because of its magnificent Axe handle which is made using a composite material that is lightweight. This is highly beneficial because it enables players to generate a higher bat speed. A lot of improvements have been incorporated into this baseball bat to boost performance and guarantee ultimate comfort. The oval shape of the Axe handle is responsible for a single swing plane which gives maximum power as well as guarantee consistent performance with every swing.

The 2015 Axe Elite is a renowned hybrid baseball bat associated with great sting dampening. With a really cool handle and a barrel optimized for one sided hitting, you’ll love everything about this Axe Elite bat. The smooth feel, ball driving ability and a good price are some of the key benefits that make this bat a favorite for many players.


  • Better Control: The Patented Axe Grip as well as other technologies used to design this bat promote better control which is key for every player
  • Good Performance: Because of the amazing features associated with 2015 Axe Elite, you are assured of high quality performance.
  • High Bat Speed: Every player is often keen on a bat which has facilitates a powerful and faster bat speed
  • Durability: The materials used to manufacture Axe Elite make it suitable for use over extended periods of time
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Feel free to use return the bat within the 30-day period if you’re unsatisfied with its performance



No major cons have been associated with 2015 Axe Elite.



Overall, 2015 Axe Elite is a good bat for any player who is looking to advance their skills in the game. Choosing this bat is a fantastic choice, you’ll not be disappointed.

2016 Axe Elite New Features

The New 2016 Axe Elite is associated with super performance because of the improvements associated with this new design. To begin with, the new 2016 Axe Elite bat has been upgraded to include a more powerful Mantic Alloy barrel as well as a Carbon Filter Composite end cap. In addition, the already large barrel is further elongated while still managing to maintain impeccable balance.

This upgraded barrel is in turn, joined to a Flex Tuned Composite handle which creates an extremely responsive hitting surface that is beneficial at the strike zone. The new 2016 Axe Elite bat also comes with the patented AXE technology.

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