Bat Weight Selection & Heavy Bats, an issue

Bat Weight Selection

Bat Weight Selection

Bat Weight Selection

  • You will find most bat’s are weighted in ounces
  • Bats have a weight to length ratio that applies to them.
    • A -12 weight to length ratio for example means that on a 28 inch bat the bat weights 16 ounces.  This is sometimes referred to as weight drop.
    • You will see bats have a variety of ratio’s from -3 to -13
  • Selecting weight depends on the strength of the player using the bat and to a lesser extent personal preference.
  • Big strong players will usually prefer a heavier bat since they get the benefits of it being more heft but since they are strong it want slow down their swing.
  • Most of the players below 9 would benefit from a -12 or -13 drop off the length suggested in the table above.

A word of caution about heavy bats

Over the years we have always recommended the use of a light bat for most hitters.  There are many reasons but one of the main ones is that heavy bats can lead to extremely poor swing fundamentals and I can assure you they will be hard to break when the player gets older.

Several well know players and coaches have said over the years that using a heavy bat can ruin your swing and we are in complete agreement with that so make sure you lean toward getting a light bat.  I would choose the lightest bat I could find for the length I need.

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