Best Baseball Gloves for Toddlers: Find The Good for Your Sporty Kids

It’s quite hard jobs for parents and coaches when coming to pick the right baseball gloves for the kids. Baseball gloves for Toddlers are not quite popular in sizes and brands. So we have done a small research to find all are currently available on the market in 2017.

The game is so widely-spread and beloved that people from all walks of life seem to be either playing it or are a part of the nationwide fan base. What’s more, children are encouraged to enter the bat-swingin’, ball-catchin’ waters of this team sport quite early on, so that they can grow into proper sportsmen and women by the time they’ve entered adulthood.

Your Child’s First Baseball Glove: When, Why, and What

Your Child’s First Baseball Glove: When, Why, and What

(Similar to what the Finns do with car sports- as soon as a kid can see over the steering wheel they get a car and proceed to race and crash into other cars on the muddy tracks. It’s idyllic in a way, really) Swinging over to the matters of baseball, if you feel like introducing your kid to this glorious game, you’re going to need some mini-sized equipment.

In this short article, we’ll try to give you a couple of tips worth taking into consideration if you’re about to make a purchase in this department. Read on and find about various exciting things, such as a word or two about Little League Baseball, and how NOT to break your kid’s gloves!

A training ground for future champs: Little League Baseball and Softball

Based in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the Little League International is an organization that arranges league matches and other competitions for children. They are a non-profit organization and positively tenacious in their intention to bring this game to as many idle talented kids throughout the US, and also elsewhere!

The Little League came into existence thanks to a man called Carl Stotz in the year of 1939, who organized a mini-league for around three existing teams that were playing in his area. As the entire thing was soon found to be loads of fun for kids and adults alike, the officials of the initial organization went on to encourage people from other counties to make some leagues of their own. This would lead to a large-scale increase in popularity of this kind of leisurely activity for kids, and also, the baseball gear manufacturers were presented with a massive surge of orders for tiny pieces of equipment.

Nowadays, the Little League is the most prominent baseball organization for children, and the tournaments they organize include a number of teams not only from the US but also from other parts of the world.

How to know a good piece of kid-friendly baseball gloves when you see some?

If you’ve decided to get your kid some baseball gloves, and want to make it a surprise, chances are – you’ll be facing some pretty serious struggles: Sponge Bob or Mickey Mouse-themed? (we would advise you to go with Sponge Bob, nobody watches Mickey Mouse anymore). Other than that top priority task, you’d need to take some other pesky factors into consideration:

1) Size

Typically, toddlers would benefit the most from a 9inch glove model. It’s the right size for them and they’re usually quite well-made featuring an additionally softer padding for comfort and better grip.

2) Comfort

If your kid is new to the game, equipping it with a comfortable pair of gloves can really be crucial. You want your kid to feel free to swing around and catch balls without being in pain or severely uncomfortable. If you’re unsure as to what material possesses the best padding, we would advise you to play it safe, and get your kid a pair of standard leather gloves. They’ll feel natural and your kid is sure to love it!

3) Maintenance

Even though this may seem rather obvious, it’s probably worth mentioning anyway for good measure. Once your kid’s had a blast of a game with lots of running and dust all about its clothes and gloves, don’t give into the temptation of just slamming the gloves against each other a couple of times to remove the dust. This may work for awhile, but in time, they will start to wear and eventually they may even break. Especially if they are not of particularly high quality. So what you do instead is- submerge them in warm water for a minute or two, dry them and Bob’s your uncle!

When it comes to baseball gloves for children, they are as plentiful and easy to find as any other piece of baseball equipment, thanks to the massive increase in popularity of this sport. However, finding a pair that will both fit your kid well and be durable enough not to fall apart after a couple of uses can be a little tricky at times. These are three kinds of gloves that are perhaps the safest bet, generally speaking:

Soft Foam Models

Soft foam is one of the materials that is being increasingly used in the manufacturing of the professional pieces of sporting equipment. It’s tough, light, and plentiful enough so that it’s price is quite agreeable. As for the versions of these products for kids, you can find them in every possible finish. Some of them even feature their favorite cartoon characters!


  • Soft and lightweight- a perfect piece of starter’s equipment.
  • Comfortable enough so that even kids with particularly sensitive hands can feel at ease wearing them.


  • They may not last long, that’s a bummer.

Easy Catch Glove

As the name itself suggests, these gloves are perfect for catching and handling the ball. Also, they’re quite comfortable and sizeable enough to enable a secure catch.


  • Soft and easy on the hand.
  • Improves your kid’s catching game.


  • Again, they are great for catching – but for awhile. Durability is not exactly its most prominent selling point.

ItzaMitCatch Glove

Another foam-based model, this time with improved water-resistance properties comes in the shape of the ItzaMitCatch glove. The fit is pretty tight, but some kids with more sensitive skin may feel a bit uncomfortable wearing it initially.


  • Great for wet conditions.
  • Reversible and fairly durable.


  • A bit rough around the edges. (nothing too scary, though)

When it comes to traditional pastimes of the United States of America, few can compete with the massive popularity that a certain game called baseball has managed to amass over the course of years. And it’s no wonder really- you get to swing a bat, hit a ball, catch it with an oversized glove, and then hit it some more! What’s not to love?

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