Top 3 Best Bats for 10 Year Old 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best bat for a 10 year old can be tricky, mostly due to the huge variety of choice out there, with each model and brand claiming to offer new and unique features, and updated elements to help it stay upfront from its competitors.

Best of the Best: DeMarini’s CF7

DeMarini’s CF7 is arguably one of the best choices for a 10 year old, featuring a variety of selling points that sets it aside from the rest. One key point is the bats size, even coming in the huge 33 inches, a notable extension in the barrel size that could be a huge positive for many people, as it is able to hit a ball with alarming speed, accuracy and power. However, despite its size, the bat seems to balance perfectly.

Advanced Handles

In addition to this, the CF7 comes with a D-fusion handle for an advance grip and maximum comfort, along with an advance connective piece that sets it apart from other similar two piece bats. The bat can’t be used by everyone though, as due to its size it is noticeably heavy. Although it creates a great swing and powerful hit, those with a smaller build may find it hard to use.

2015 Louisville Slugger 715 Select

The 2015 Louisville Slugger 715 Select is a close competitor to the CF7, however noticeable differences can be seen in the build, design and ease of use. The bat is part of Louisville Slugger’s top shelf line, instantly placing the bat high in the running’s for best bat. However, one striking difference can be noted in the fact that it comprises of three parts; a composite handle, graphite connective piece and aluminium barrel.

A Range of Sizes

The connective piece is what sets aside the 715 Select from other bats, with improved durability and technology. A big plus is that the bat comes in every size, a feature that the CF7 does not offer, therefore suitable for hitters of any build and size. The bat has a big swing and deep balance point. All of these factors keep it in the running’s of one of the best bats out there, with the name, 715 Select, informing users of the series, release model year and the line of bat.

Best Bang for Your Buck: 2015 Louisville Slugger 515 Omaha

If a two or a three-piece bat is not what is being looked for, then the 2015 Louisville Slugger 515 Omaha could be the perfect choice. A one-piece aluminium model available in 7 different lengths.

Affordable Options

This variability in length is comparable to the 715 Select, as it instantly opens up the target audience and makes it a more accessible bat, however is about 10% lighter than the Select and other models in the range. One big selling point is the price range, being one of the most affordable options while still being durable and high quality. The 515 Slugger also has a name that is informative to the user, and it is these thoughtful extras that keep the Omaha high in the running for best bat for a 10 year old.

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