Top 3 Best Bats for 8 Year Old 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

There are dozens of bats out there, each claiming to offer the best features, but which bat really is the best bat for 8 year old, and how do you compare them? There are a few things to look out for when buying that ideal bat, and here are some of the top models to look out for.

Best of the Best: 2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum

The best model out there is arguably the 2015 DeMarini NVS Vexxum, having been rated as one of the best value bats for many years, with an array of updates over the 2014 bat. The swing rate has dropped about 8% in comparison to previous models, therefore making it easier to use and handle.

Two Piece Options

Similar to other bats in the Vexxum collection, the DeMarini is made up to two separate parts, a composite handle and aluminium barrel. However, the aluminium has been updated, and now special blend is used, allowing for ultimate durability without adding more weight.

Despite being a two-piece hybrid bat, it comes without the two-piece price tag, making it very affordable. In addition to updated durability and weight, the look has also changed, now with a D shaped knob and overall seek exterior. The Vexxum is a quality bat, with a very reasonable price tag.

Louisville Slugger 515 Omaha

The Louisville Slugger 515 Omaha is a close competitor to the Vexxum, with many attributing features, overall making it a very appealing bat. One notable difference is the Slugger is comprised of a one piece aluminium stick, in comparison to the two piece Vexxum, and comes with a large variety of sizing options. Bats coming in multiple sizes has the benefit of allowing the user to find the bat that is perfectly suited to them, with the balanced swing rate making it a pleasure to use.

Lighter Bats

Like the Vexxum, the Slugger has also been developed with a lighter swing that previous models, in this case being about 10% lighter, while still being durable in use. One big selling point of this bat is the price tag, being one of the most affordable in the range, while still coming from a top brand.

Youth Axe Avenge

The Youth Axe Avenge got its name from the fact that the handle is shaped like the handle of an axe, which, in theory, allows the batsman to pull their hands through the zone more quickly, while also giving the bat and iconic look. Overall helps the player to hit the ball harder when in play, and it really does work.

A Unique Shape

Although this oblong shaped handle is unusual, especially compared to bats such as the Vexxum and Louisville Slugger, it is easy to get used to, all it takes is a few swings. This unique shape also forces the user to hit the ball with one side of the barrel, which can make the hit much more effective. Therefore, this handle shape could be described as a real innovation in the bat industry, and a real competitor to the traditional shape.

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