Top Best Bats for 7 Year Old 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

Make sure to ask the coach or the league before choosing the best bat for 7 year old, or best coach pitch bats.


Depending on the child’s size, the 26-inch bat is a good place to start. If a larger bat is preferred, it is probably better that the child not play tee-ball even though there may not be a size restriction in the tee-ball league. The 2015 Axe Phenom tee-ball bat is an excellent choice.

Coach Pitch/Pitching Machine/Kid Pitch

Value Options: There are many possibilities in this category. The market is huge and bat manufacturers know this. A good choice is the 2 ¾ barrel size, and one of the best values is the Easton S400 Junior Big Barrel.

A search on Amazon will often produce a really good deal on last year’s junior big barrel versions. If any of the following are still available, they should be considered a good value and worth buying.

  • Rawlings’ RX4
  • Easton’s S3
  • Easton’s XL3
  • anything by Marucci
  • anything by DeMarini

Higher End OptionsThere are also lots of options in this category. For 7-year-old children, the junior big barrel versions of bats are the best choice, as long as they are allowed. If money is not to be considered, then the Marucci Cat 6 is one of the very best choices.

Another excellent choice at the higher price point is DeMarini’s JBB Vexxum. It is more expensive, but a definite value because of the high quality.

A third high end excellent choice is Easton’s Mako Junior Big Barrel.

You won’t go wrong with any one of these three.

For those who are only allowed 2 ¼ Barrels 


The 2015 Axe Phenom that was mentioned earlier in this article is a great choice for any tee-ball player.

Coach Pitch/Pitching Machine/Kid Pitch

Value Option: One of the best value bats in the 2 ¼ youth barrel size is the 2015 Louisville Slugger TPX Warrior. This trusted company has a good warranty on the bat.

Higher End Option: If you’re looking for a high end bat with some pop, check out the 2015 Louisville Slugger 515 Omaha. It has great balance. If the size is right for your child, this is an excellent choice. If this is the child’s first year in baseball, it is best to stay to the 27”-14oz bat.

League Regulations

Different leagues can have their own regulations regarding bats. Most leagues that include 7-year-old players have few or no regulations. The best thing to do is to check with the coach and/or the league directors to find out what size bats are allowed before spending a lot of money on a bat.

If it is not convenient to check for this information, then stay with the safe choice of bats with 2 ¼ barrels.

Size of bat

The third consideration after the type of bat and the amount of money to spend is the size of the bat.

The best way to determine what size bat to get is to try them out in person. Online bat stores understand that it is not easy to make this determination from sizing charts online. The sizing charts can narrow down the choices, but physical differences between players make the charts far from accurate.

Because of that, some online stores will allow returns with free shipping. Another choice is to go to a physical store and try out their bats. Unfortunately, physical stores often charge more and do not have a large selection, but the child can at least get a sense of which bat to choose. 

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