Best Catcher Gear Sets

Choosing the ideal set for the best catcher gear sets 2016 can be tricky ordeal. Brand names are always releasing new and upcoming products promising fancy features that will supposedly increase your game by tenfold and your comfort double that. However, it Is important to still take into consideration the difference between the different brand names. Investing time into researching the benefits of each major brand name gear set will help to ensure that you invest in gear that is suited ideally for you. Gear that will indeed do as proclaimed and help to improve the performance of your game through the quality of your gear.

To help you along your journey to choosing the ideal gear to set off your season, below we have listed our reviews on the best catcher gear sets for 2016. This includes the best adult catcher gear sets, the best gear sets for youth as well as the best gear set for intermediate players.

Best Adult Catcher Gear Sets

Although the price may be considerably expensive, to refer to it mildly, the All Star System Seven Series is certainly worth the price tag that comes with it. All Star System Seven Series catchers gear set claims bragging rights to being one of the highest quality gear sets that you can find as well as the most pro-ready set obtainable for players looking to enter in a competitive manner. Listed below are some of the features of this gear set that set a balance between the quality of the product to that of the price tag that comes along with it.

  • Chest Protector – The chest protector comes with a moderately rare and unique design that you will not find commonly in other equipment and this is the wedge-like shape located in the area of the abs. This helps to improve the ability to knock the ball downwards when attempting a block. Another important feature that has been added is the extra padding or plates that have been added as an additional level of protection to key areas such as the throat, collarbone, and chest, ensuring that the most important parts are fully protected to prevent the occurrence of any serious injuries,
  • Leg Guards – The leg guards have been designed specifically to create a balance between the lightweight quality as well as the protection – maintaining a high level of movement. This is vital to ensuring the player is comfortable while in the game. These also include All-Star DeltaFlex harness strap which helps to secure the leg guards more comfortable while reducing any movement as well as provide an additional layer of comfort to the back area of the knee.
  • Helmet – Developed with a maximum quality ABS outer shell with increased density around the most vital area for a catcher – the forehead. The Seven Series helmet comes with an additional feature not easily found with other equipment, the I-Bar frame. This is closely resembling the use of an I-Beam that you would find located on a construction site. This frame design allows for an extensive improvement to the strength of the frame as well as an unobstructed view of the entire field.

Best Youth Catcher Gear Set

Many players find that the Easton M7 is one of the best catchers gears sets out there. More certainly so in the majority of youth that put the Easton M7 catcher gear set to use. The helmet, designed with intricately woven air vents, to improve air circulation is one of the strongest features of this set. A few features of the Easton M7 gear set that are worth mentioning can be seen below:

  • Chest Plate – This Easton M7 chest plate is ideal for the youth who play as it contains a multitude of foam layers for increased protection. This additional protection not only aids in the plight of feeling safe behind the plate but also aids in improving rebound control, ensuring that balls feel right in front of you. The chest plate has also been carefully designed to ensure that there is decent air circulation helping you to remain cool and focused in game time.
  • Leg Guards – Due to the known sensitivity of the knee area, Easton M7 uses a triple-knee design (this is not commonly a design that is used), this allows the wearer to have outstanding mobility while still maintaining an excellent fit. Additional protection to the knee area has also been implemented to ensure that the area is comfortable and well protected.
  • Helmet – The helmet has been designed with an additional dual-density foam to keep the catchers head protected adequately while still providing a little comfort. While maintaining good quality air circulation helping you to remain cool and maintain focus throughout the game.

Best Catcher Gear Set for Intermediate Players

If you are looking for an amazing adaptability and combination between comfort, quality, price, and durability. You will find that the Louisville Series 5 Set is the perfect match for you. For this exact reason, many players love this gear set. Without sacrificing their quality Louisville Series 5 Set has managed to create a semi-affordable product while maintaining the use of quality material in production resulting in a quality product. Below are the features that set Louisville Series 5 apart from other catcher gear sets:

  • Chest Plate – Louisville Series 5 chest plate provides a decent amount of rebound control due to the multiple layers of carefully constructed foam protection. The chest plate also uses something called “Precision Pad Design”, which essentially creates the feeling that the breastplate Is attached to your body with little to no effort at all times! Maximizing the comfort that you experience while on the field.
  • Leg Guards – The leg guards have been developed so as to mold comfortably to the shape of a human, decreasing the stiffness that you would normally experience as you crouch down, rather keeping a flowing form as the leg guards will move down with your body.
  • Helmet – Designed to maximize the level of comfort and protection as well as air circulation throughout the helmet to aid in a more focused game, allowing you to perform at the best of your ability!
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