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Choosing the right catcher gear is essential for a good season, finding the best catcher gear to have in 2016 is not easy, although it is not commonly known – gear is frequently modified not only for quality but also for comfort. It can at times be confusing to sift through the ever-changing equipment. This blog is here to help you to find the best catcher gear to obtain in 2016. Looking for quality, comfort and durability. Each and every catcher has different needs, this can make it troublesome to select the ideal equipment for the season. For example, a player who is interested competitively will have different requirements to an individual who is entering the season for their first time.

Below we will be listing some of the best catcher gear for 2016, This gear will be listed as per three vital categories, the best of the best, the top rated as well as the best value.

The best of the best catcher gear for 2016

What makes a brand fall under this category. Quality and innovative designs play an assured role. Easton Mako certainly develops their products to be a standard of quality better than all of its predecessors. Each new generation guaranteed to be lighter and higher performing than that of past products.

Features of Easton Mako Catchers gear:

  • The helmet of Easton Mako has been designed with 18 vents which serve to keep you cooler for a longer period of time in the game, as well as being fitted with a rear cap which contains the main function of allowing high-speed removal. This is also fully approved by NOCSAE.
  • Although the chest protector is form-fitting there is no need for concern due to the incredible amount of mobility that you still maintain. Worrying about the chest protector getting in the way of your throws will seldom to never cross your mind with this gear.
  • Not only do the Easton Mako leg guards provide competent protection including the new knee cap design. They also remain so comfortable that in the game there is a high chance that, amazingly – you may even forget that you are wearing them!

Advantages of Easton Mako Baseball Catchers gear:

  • Optimization and general improvement to the average pop time.
  • Improved balance.

It is easy to see how Easton Mako has obtained the title of the best of the best when it comes to catchers gear for 2016, their innovative designs have led to a creation of a line of products that provide top of the notch range of protection as well as ease to play in. Helping you not only play a better game but also to be a better player.

The Top Rated Catchers Gear of 2016

Despite the All-star Custom Series being one of the lightest equipment sets that you can get, it still offers one of the highest levels of protection as well as the highest variety of custom size systems in Catchers Gear globally. Although All Stars Catcher gear is primarily focused for the adult level competitive league of catchers.

All Stars catchers gear is developed with advanced components such as wraparound sides located in the chest protector as well as leg guards that wholly fit your leg amplifying your focus and allowing you to strive to the next level of your game in minimal time! The All Star Pro Custom Series Comes with the following equipment:

  • CP30PRO chest – This is the lightest developed as of yet, however, this is not the main feature that amplifies the quality and performance of this chest protector rather the wedged shape that completely alleviates the impact of balls.
  • LG30WPRO Legs – These leg guards offer new and improved features including a higher level of protection for the shins as well as greater ventilation to help you remain cooler in the game.
  • MVP2500 Helmet – The helmet is an important aspect for any catcher, a perfect helmet needs to able to create a fair combination between both comfort and protection. With this in mind, many praise the MVP2500 for these exact characteristics with the added bonus of a perfectly sound shell, ensuring perfect protection to the head area.

Advantages of the ALL Star Custom Series

  • An advanced equipment set with features to help ensure quality perfection for competitive players.
  • This set contains the lightest chest protector yet developed by All-Star that still maintains a high level of comfort and protection.

All Star Custom Series adds an edge for adults that are looking / are playing competitively helping them to ensure that their game Is unhindered by equipment rather improved due to quality protection and comfort helping to achieve a higher level of focus and ultimately top notch gameplay.

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