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There are a dozen best catchers mitts 2016 to choose from, but there are exceptionally excellent catchers. The Major League Baseball is in gear, and just about everyone is thinking about getting some real excellent catchers to experience the regular season. Well, whether you intend to play serious game or softball or some ‘mild’ catches in your backyard, you sure need to get the best catcher mitts in the market that will guarantee value for your money regarding affordability, functionality and durability.

We’ve reviewed the three most superb catchers mitts available in the market at the present and their prices are very much affordable. Some of their outstanding features include comfort, soft lining that cushions against injury, durable material all that your child will ever need to have a comfortable play and perform exemplary. You need not wander not knowing what to pick and not to pick, our trio selection outlines the very best you can choose with your eyes closed and never feel remorseful about.

Best Youth Catcher Mitts: Mizuno Prospect GXC105

So your son or brother is just about to break their first game? Why not make it an unforgettable experience by getting him one of these fabulous catcher mitts. This 1.1-pound variety from Bryant Team Sports is the ideal one for unripe hands with its liberal dimension of 8.6 inches and a patented power lock which ensure utmost performance for the young people. The GXC105 model comes with a one rare feature; the para pack shock palm, which substantially absorbs the shock of repeated use, giving the user maximum comfort and total protection. It also enables it to have fewer rebounds as it automatically closes when the ball hits the pocket. Breaking in this catcher mitt is not gruesome, be rest assured you won’t need to bake your brand new catchers, or maybe run it over with your car as some other mitts prove difficult to. It’s relatively easy to break-in, you just only use leather oil, and you’re ready to go.

Apart from the Mizuno power close technology, selected models have butter soft lining which considerably reduces shock, and is ideal for soft hands. So definitely for that eight-twelve-year-old, this is the perfect gift, to help them fall in love with the game. No long duration of a break-in period, as it’s relatively straightforward to do so with just glove oil. I’ve mentioned all the pros and no cons for this item, so most probably there aren’t any.

Key features:

  • PowerlockTM closure
  • 32.50 inches transitional sized
  • Butter-soft lining and palm pad
  • Weighs 2lbs

Best Adult Catcher Mitts: Rawlings Renegade Series

These are high quality but affordable catchers from Rawlings Sporting, a company with a good reputation when it comes to quality of games equipment. This catcher mitt series is perfectly made for the fuller hands. It comes with a full-grain leather shell which makes it last a very long time while enabling it to retain its shape over the period it’s been used. It weighs only 2.8 lbs, and is available in 12 or 12.5 inches featuring a Velcro strap for a customizable fit on different hand sizes.

The material is genuine tough leather all round which guarantees strength and durability. It has a deep, flexible pocket that pouches in the ball effectively, and it also packs an extra palm pad for added protection against impact. The nice looking catchers have a beautiful basket weave web and they come with the option of the traditional wrist wrap. The good news is that they are pre-oiled, and therefore no need for breaking in, also they are ready for use.

Key features:

  • 12’ pattern
  • Conventional back
  • Tan-leather palm
  • Basket web style
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds


The bad news is; it also has a few shortcomings. Some variations of the wrist wrap model tend to be large and bulky which can be quite uncomfortable. There are also cases of a few buyers who complained about it being unnecessarily stiff, which proved quite a task to break in. Additional oiling might be required to break in effectively, but this common with almost all other catcher brands, hence it might not be a setback per se.

This model is not just any ordinary glove, it will see you through seasons, and will surely be passed down a to your generations. That can tell you about how durable it is courtesy of the tough leather material. You will find it always ready to use as it is already pre-oiled and will require little or no break in.

Best Fastpitch Softball Catcher Mitts: Mizuno Franchise GXS90F1

Mizuno Franchise GXS90F1 is equipped with the Power lock technology and a hi-low lacing functionality. It is one of the most versatile variety in the market. The franchise series is soft and a professional utility catcher mitts rolled into one. Manufactured by Mizuno It weighs just about 1.6 pounds, with a dimension of 10.8 inches. It is suitable for both the right-handed and left-handed thrower, but the best thing about it is, it is unisex. In addition it can also be used by both teens and adults. It has a soft palm lining, which considerably reduces shock and provides comfort.

Key features

  • Pre-oiled
  • Java leather
  • Parashock pad
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds

For softball enthusiasts, you need not look any further. This catcher mitt was made with soft hands in mind, preferably female. It fits in nicely with a snug, hand based pattern. You don’t need to worry about breaking in, as this variety comes pre-oiled and ready-made for the pitch, therefore saving you time. The price ranges are affordable for an excellent leather medium thick catchers. The power lock closures and the centre pocket design makes for a firm grip.


But some people complain about the lace being weak, and therefore having to replace it over some times. It seems the manufacturer took it functions ‘soft’ a bit too literally. They were certainly not made for the abrasive hand. Besides that, everything else is awesome.

A catcher can make or break you as far as your performance in the game is concerned. Therefore, as a player or when selecting one for a player, you have to get the very best. The best in terms of comfort, safety, durability and safety. The three brands in this review give you the best you can choose from at any time.

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