Best Drop 3 Baseball Bats 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best drop 3 bat, there are many things to look out for and consider. Pricing is a big factor, as depending on your budgets the range of bats that you can purchase varies greatly, however the cheaper bats do not necessarily mean that they are the worst. Other factors to consider are weight, materials, shape and the look of the bat, all of which can make a huge difference of how you play.

It is a good idea to get a bat from a brand that is reputable, and therefore is sure to be certified and of the highest quality. Drop 3 baseball bats are beginning to be used more than ever, making it even more important to get one ideally suited to your needs.

Best of the Best: The Easton Drop 3

Easton bats are one of the most trustworthy out there, and never fail to deliver the highest quality sticks for players of all ages and abilities. Easton bats are one of the most popular baseball bat makes, and have been for years, having been in business for over 30 years. When making a bat, they always have the player in mind, making models that are suitable for all sorts of players and playing styles. The Easton Drop 3 could be described as one of the best drop bats currently on the market, and not just because of the brand that it comes from.

Variable Size Options

Players obviously come in all shapes and sizes, therefore the range of sizes that a bat comes in can play a big role in the decision of which to purchase. The Easton Drop 3 comes in varying sizes, from 31 through to 34 inches in length, enabling the player to use a bat that will allow them the best performance and comfort when in play.

One of the best models is the 2016 Easton Mako BBCOR, complete with Hyperskin performance grip that is not only textured, allowing the user to get a firm and confident grip, but also feels soft to protect the hands. This hyperskin is an added benefit to the bat, as hyperskin is usually only sold as an accessory to bats, and is very much a selling point.

This bat would ideally suit someone who favours two piece bats which are light in weight and produce a decent pop. The TCT Thermo Composite Technology is a big contributor the good swing speed and sweet spot when using this bat, putting it high in the running for the best Drop 3 bat.

Best of the Best: DeMarini Drop 3

DeMarini Drop 3 baseball bats have an excellent track record of being one of the best in play.


One of the biggest positives about DeMarini bats is their affordability. The price of the bats makes them accessible for everyone, while still maintaining quality and exceptional performance. Therefore, if you are looking for a bat that really works on the field, without breaking the bank, then the DeMarini range is the way to go.

Some other benefits of the bats are that they are also aesthetically pleasing, coming in a range of colours such as blue, black and grey. Additionally, the DeMarini comes in a range of different sizes. Again the bat is a two piece fully composite, which is favourable to many, with a synthetic grip which can prevent the painful blisters sometimes associated with long hours of practice on the field.

—> One of the best drop 3 bats in the range is the 2016 DeMarini CF8 BBCOR, somehow able to have a high bat speed but with a powerful punch, an unusual combination. They have managed this by using the 100% Paradox +Plus Composite Design and Barrel, which while being light, is also an incredibly strong material.

The Lightest Drop 3: Easton 2015

The Easton 2015 is one of the best and lightest bats on the market currently, not to mention being on the lower end of the pricing scale. With the 31 version weighing in at the incredible 28 ounces, which is the lightest that it is possible to get a drop 3 bat. Therefore, the bat has a very quick swing, allowing the player to get some incredible shots on fast balls. If this is not enough, the look of the Easton 2015 is sleek and sophisticated, giving the player ultimate confidence on the field.

Drop 3 Wood: DeMarini D271

Despite all the new technology and materials currently available on the market, wooden bats are becoming increasingly popular, and surprisingly they give a very similar performance to other drop bats. Players seem to like to use them in training as they believe that it really prepares them for real games. The best wood stick out there is the DeMarini D271 as it does not take long to get use to the feel and the play of the bat. The composite frame inside the wooden barrel gives it increased strength and durability, while the Canadian Hard Maple exterior adds to the overall quality.

So what should you choose?

So much information and so many different types of drop 3 bats can make it very difficult in knowing which is the best in the market. But it is always best to compare the price of a bat to the quality, while always maintaining that it comes from a reputable brand. While new bats are always being released, this doesn’t mean that the older models should be ruled out, as some of these are actually proving to be most effective.

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