Best Drop 5 Baseball Bats 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

It can be a struggle to choose which bat to buy, as how do you know the best drop 5 bats out there. Obviously all brands claim that their brand is best, making it hard to trust what information you should be taking notice of.

With various sizes, shapes, materials and models out there, there is a lot to take into consideration, therefore it is always best to go with a brand that is known and trusted, ensuring the bat is of good quality.

The best bat out there: 2015 Easton Xl

Third in the running’s is the 2015 Easton Xl, with many contributing factors that make it one of the best drop 5 bats out there. The fact that is comes from the Easton line instantly gives the bat credibility compared to similar bats, with the Easton brand creating some top performance bats.

The 2015 version of the bat is almost unchanged from the 2014 model, one of the most noticeable differences being the colour, now featuring a striking orange. It is still an extended barrel, two piece composite with a CXN connective piece, but despite the limited upgrades on the previous model, it is still a great stick with deserving top shelf price.

One of the reasons that the Marucci is ranked higher than the Easton is the price point, as the Easton is at a much higher end of the scale, therefore for some people could be considered unaffordable. It also does not come in a youth version, which may encourage people to look elsewhere. This bat Is perfect for those who enjoyed using the 2014 version, as very little seems to have changed over the year.

A close second: 2015 Marucci CAT 6


The 2015 Marucci CAT 6 comes in at a close second when it comes to the best drop 5 bat currently on the market, falling only just under the DeMarini CF8. This bat has been released as a following to the successful BBCOR CAT 5-Squared, with a few notable changes and difference which improves it considerably.

Some features of course, have to stay the same, the fact that it is still an aluminium one piece being the most prominent. There is also the fact that it still has a patterned ring free design, and a rubber shock absorber inside the handle of the bat, which can absorb the shock greater than any other bat currently on the market. Whether you prefer the two piece design of the CF8, or the one piece Marucci is down to personal preference.

Unlike the DeMarini, the Marucci is a balanced swing rather than a light swing, with the balance point brought a little closer to the handle than previous models. The barrel profile has also got larger, therefore providing a larger plate coverage, as well as increased durability of the knob, which is now designed to last as long as the bat.

Best Bang For Your Buck

2015 Combat Portent G3 SL

For those boasting a smaller budget, the 2015 Combat Portent G3 SL is definitely a bat to consider, on the lower end of the price range. Despite this, the bat still has a large range of winning features which makes it a high quality drop 5 bat.

The Portent G3 has a balanced swing rate, similar to the Marurri, however the G3 feels enhanced by the additional lizard skin bat tape, which is arguably one of the best tapes out there. The barrels are large and come in a range of different sizes, which helpfully, are color coded which certainly is a step in the right direction when it comes to choosing the right bat.

The lower price point could be due to the fact that it is a single piece composite bat, however many people prefer the feel of this compared to other models. Therefore, those looking for a large barreled one piece without breaking the bank, the Combat Portent G3 should be high in the list to consider.

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