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As a softball or baseball catcher who wants to scale the heights of the game, the best leg guards 2016 are some of the tools of trade that you cannot afford to do without. Whether you are a professional or an aspiring professional catcher, you need to ensure that you get the best leg guards that will guarantee your protection as you play in the field. One of the greatest beauties about these leg guards is that they cut across different models and brands.

Some of the best guards that you can choose from in 2016 are: Mizuno G3; Easton Mako and; All Star System 7. These leg guards ensure that you enjoy a balanced functionality that perfectly blends and integrates protection with efficiency, comfort and lightness. Due to their ergonomic design, these three super models will ensure that your performance is enhanced because they offer you ease of use and flexibility as you make movements on the pitch.

Mizuno G3 leg guards

This is one of the best of the best when it comes to leg guards. This model is rich in all manner of salient features that are designed to confer multiple benefits to its users. Additionally, it is designed in an ergonomic and innovative manner guarantees you value for your money. Below are listed some of its salient features, benefits, pros and cons.

Salient features of Mizuno G3

  • Innovative design
  • It is comfortable to use
  • It has a tight grip that prevents slips
  • It does not store moisture because it is fitted a strong moisture-wicking inner layer
  • Its toe cap can be detached easily
  • It has a near-universal standard size that fits most users
  • It is fortified with stainless steel buckles and hence it last longer
  • It is comfortable to use the guards
  • It is lightweight
  • It offers advanced fitting to different users

The benefits of Mizuno G3

  • It is comfortable to use the shin guards because they don’t absorb too much moisture
  • The model give you long-term value for your money because it lasts longer
  • It is a safe partner for your catching duties because it has a tough gripping design that ensures that you are not vulnerable to unnecessary slipping
  • It offers you swift and flexible performance because it is lightweight
  • At its level of quality, this model is reasonably priced and hence it offers you immediate value for your money

The pros of Mizuno G3

  • Extra comfort during use
  • Extra knee protection
  • High quality
  • Long straps that eliminate the hassles of over flapping

The cons of Mizuno G3

The sole con listed below is captured from one user review. This means that the pros and benefits of this model grossly outweigh its cons.

  • The grandpa who bought the leg guards for his grandson on measurement complained that they were too big and heavy and that they made him “look like a transformer”. That is the only user complaint that has been leveled against the model so far.

Easton Mako leg guards

The Easton Mako leg guards are some of the best rated models that we have in the market in 2016. This model enjoys very high ratings among its users and some of its salient features, benefits, pros and cons are explored below.

Salient features of Easton Mako

  • It is a lightweight product that weighs a mere 3 pounds
  • It is fitted with stable cone-shaped knee caps that are designed to guarantee improved balance and comfort on the pitch
  • It is fitted and designed with a sling Tec channel that facilitates the ventilating process between the leg guard and shin
  • It is designed with excellent esthetic features that are inspired by the human body shape

The benefits of Easton Mako

  • It is designed with the reality of comfort in mind due to the sling Tec channel and this makes it easier for the user to enjoy using the guards for longer
  • It is a lightweight model that ensures that you can easily and swiftly perform your catching duties without the inconvenience of bulkiness
  • Its ergonomic design makes it fit the user very well and comfortably and most user reviews bear witness that the model holds pretty well
  • The model offers a very high level of agility and this is a plus because every catcher needs to be agile in order to perform their duties

The pros of Easton Mako

  • It is designed to ensure that the catcher maximizes on their pop-time
  • It is designed with quality in mind
  • It is designed to unleash and bolster the catcher’s athletic ability

The cons of Easton Mako

  • Some users feel that it is overpriced for little league users
  • At times the thigh strap loosens

All Star System 7

This model is among the few leg guards that will give you the best value for your money. Its features, benefits, pros and cons are discussed in the following sections.

Salient features of All Star System 7

  • Its shin pad has an anatomical shape that makes adjusting easier
  • It is fitted with a larger diameter that is intended to facilitate ventilation
  • It is fitted with a knee pad that absorbs shock
  • Its shell is designed in such a manner that it facilitates the ventilating process and also strengthens the entire leg guard
  • Its knee is designed in such a manner that it facilitates swift and flexible movement

Benefits of All Star System 7

Below are some of the benefits of using the All Star System 7 model.

  • It ensures that you make swift athletic movements on the pitch due to its flexible nature
  • It is very comfortable to use it because it is designed with a strong ventilation system

The pros of All Star System 7

  • It offers very high levels of flexibility on the pitch

Cons of All Star System 7

Fortunately, there are no listed cons of this product from all the users who have so far reviewed it.

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