Best Tee Ball Bats

Are you preparing yourself for the new upcoming season, ensuring your equipment still maintains the quality and comfortability that you need. Perhaps, it is time to look for a new tee bat to invest in, starting the season off with one of the best tee ball bats 2016 could be a great way to kick start the season and ensure that your gameplay has an edge like never before.

No matter what kind of player you are. You could be planning to go competitive, play at a leisure pace or simply play just because you enjoy the sport – using one of the bats that we will be listing below can be a great way to help you maximize your game, keeping your skills heightened to their maximum ability.

Louisville Slugger 225 Ash

Louisville Slugger supplies a bat of high quality that is affordable for those even with the heftiest budgets, The Louisville Slugger 225 Ash youth bat is made from Northern White Ash which is famous for the characteristics of being both lightweight and flexible. Due to the increased flexibility, this bat has a larger and seemingly more friendly sweet spot than most other bats of different wood material can provide. Featuring a 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter this bat is legal for use in any youth league and is ideal for young players to invest in. Popular features of the Louisville Slugger 225 Ash Youth Baseball bat can be seen below:

  • Balanced weight distribution.
  • Cupped end.
  • Shipping, free of charge.
  • Perfect for young players.
  • Made using premium ash wood.

The advantages of the Louisville Slugger is the long barrel making it ideal for youth play as well as the affordability making it an ideal practice bat! The only downfall that should be considered with the Louisville Slugger is the particularly thin handle as well as not the trendiest look.

The majority of the time, for those in a competitive level. This bat is used for training sessions and a more expensive bat is used for in-game time.

Easton Mako Composite Tee Ball

For a young player, whether it’s the first season or not – the most vital trait that a bat should have is it should inspire confidence in the player. This is the main aim of the Easton Mako Composite bat design. Developed with the same traits as the “adult” bats, the reasoning behind this is to enable young players to play the adult game! Allowing players to gain power through an increased swing speed, this feature is accomplished through introducing a “hyper-lightweight length” to the weight ratio and a balanced swing weight. Popular features of the Easton Mako Composite Tee Ball bat:

  • 13.5 length to weight ratio.
  • Composite Construction.
  • A grip cushioned for comfort.
  • A 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Lightweight design.

This bat is not known for any disadvantages, however for the price it is an outstanding quality bat and a great way to get your kid slugging balls as hard as they possibly can!

Combat Portent Tee Ball

If you are looking for a bat that can assist you distinguishing yourself on the field, the Combat Portent Baseball bat is certainly the bat that you need. With superior quality, you can expect an accurate swing combined with a sweet spot that seems to be almost unreal. When you hit the ball you can be sure to expect next to zero sting / vibrations along the fact of the bat. This is just where the features of the Combat Potent starts!

Developed with COMBAT’S variable stiffness technology, which further allows engineers to enlarge the sweet spot to an almost unfair point, with a complete 100% composite, single piece portent utilizes COMBAT’S SmartPly Technology – this further helps to increase the consistent thickness from knob to end cap – further increasing the maximum durability throughout the bat.

Some of the features that create a differential gap between the Combat Portent Tee Ball bats and other bats in the same league can be seen below:

  • SmartPly technology to promote consistent durability and thickness throughout the bat.
  • Variable Stiffness technology to promote a larger surface area for the sweet spot.
  • A synthetic grip to promote the comfort of the player.
  • A complete 12-month manufacturer warranty.
  • 14 weight to length ratio.

This bat is not known for its disadvantages, some have claimed that the paint tends to chip off easily therefore if your player is one to tap the bat on the home plate it may be necessary to keep an eye on this, however besides this – the bat seems to accumulate more advantages including A terrific sweet spot that comes with a brilliant pop. Seamlessly reducing vibrations through the bat on the impact with the ball and all in all helping you to be more confident and play more confident.

To sum it all up

Although each and every one of these bats has their own advantages and perhaps a downfall or two, between the Louisville Slugger 225 Ash, Easton Mako Composite and the COMBAT Portent the evident and assured top notch bat that you should be considering investing in is the COMBAT Portent.

Although the reasons were mentioned above, without further recapping all the features that the COMBAT Portent was created with, it is easy to see why this bat is truly the better choice, even if you are not looking to head into a more serious competitive level but rather remain just for the enjoyment of the sport – This bat will still aid you in taking your game one level higher.

Despite the numerous benefits of the bat, the brand has still managed to keep the price at an affordable level, meaning even those that may be on a tight budget will be able to invest in one of these bats and enjoy the new season whilst kicking it off to a fantastic start with their new COMBAT Portent Tee Ball bat!

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