Best Wood Baseball Bats

Are you a baseball player deciding on the best wood baseball bats 2016? Wood baseball bats are generally made from maple, ash, or birch. Maple is the heaviest of the three because of the density of the wood. Power hitters often like bats made from maple because they can really lay into the ball and maybe even hit it out of the park.

Bats made from ash are the lightest and have a flexible feel. Birch bats are somewhere in between. They have the same kind of hard surface that maple bats have, but with a more flexible touch like ash.

The most durable bats are actually made from composite wood or bamboo wood, but some of these bats are not allowed in some leagues. If you want to buy a composite bat, you need to be sure to buy one that is BPF certified.

Three of the best wood baseball bats are the Louisville Slugger SLP915X, the Rawlings Velo Wood, and the Marucci Youth Pro Model Maple. Below you can read about the features of each one.

The Louisville Slugger SLP915X

The Louisville Slugger SLP915X is the best of the best when it comes to wood baseball bats. It is the Cadillac of baseball bats. It is 100% composite and has been BPF approved. This bat will give you the best combination of the three most important results: speed, power, balance.

Features of the Louisville Slugger SLP915X

  • This bat is 100% composite and is USSSA 1.15 BPF approved.
  • It is made with Louisville Slugger’s patented TRU3 technology for three-piece construction.
  • It has their Flex Band technology inserted in the barrel.
  • It is one of very few three-piece baseball bats on the market today.

The benefits of the Louisville Slugger SLP915X

  • The SLP915X is Louisville Slugger’s lightest bat, making it easier to control.
  • The large sweet spot means that you can still get a good hit even when the ball is hit somewhat off the sweet spot.
  • This bat breaks in much more quickly than other bats.
  • Some players hit the ball much further than with previous bats, even before the bat has been broken in.
  • The barrel flex gives you the best feel possible when you swing it.
  • The weight of the bat is precisely balanced to make your swing as effortless as possible.

The pros of the Louisville Slugger SLP915X

  • Light swing weight
  • Large sweet spot
  • Reduced vibration
  • Maximum barrel flex
  • Balanced weight for swinging
  • 30-day Performance Promise
  • 2 ¾” diameter barrel
  • 7/8” handle tapered
  • Stiff handle technology
  • Synthetic grip

The cons of the Louisville Slugger SLP915X

There were a couple of complaints about the bat.

  • One reviewer felt that the bat was too end loaded for his 12u team, that perhaps they were too young and small for this bat. However, another reviewer was using it for his 11u son and said that it was excellent
  • One reviewer said that the grip was rubbing his son’s skin, creating blisters.
  • One reviewer felt that the bat was good but not worth the price.

The Rawlings Velo Wood

Rawlings is a top name in sporting goods and makes some of the top-rated baseball bats on the market in 2016. The ‘velo’ in the name of the bat stands for ‘velocity’ and is meant to imply that you will develop great speed with this bat. If you have a future professional baseball player in your family, then the Rawlings Velo Wood bat will be the perfect bat to practice with.

Features of the Rawlings Velo Wood

  • It is made from ash wood.
  • This line from Rawlings was designed specifically to increase your swing speed.
  • The thin, tapered shape allows you to increase your swing speed.
  • The ash wood in this bat is top quality and guaranteed to be -3 or lighter.

The benefits of the Rawlings Velo Wood

  • This ash bat is light so that you can increase the speed in your swing.
  • Once you have been able to increase your swing speed with this bat, the result will be more power in your swing.

The pros of the Rawlings Velo Wood

  • Durable
  • Light
  • Balanced for great swing speed
  • Ash wood
  • Thin tac grip
  • Medium barrel (2.5” or smaller)
  • 15/16” handle
  • -3 length-to-weight ratio

The cons of the Rawlings Velo Wood

  • One reviewer claimed that his son broke two Rawlings Velo Wood bats in just two times at bat.
  • Another reviewer also claimed to have broken this bat after little use.

The Marucci Youth Pro Model Maple

If you’re looking for the best value in a baseball bat, Marucci is one you should seriously consider. The Marucci brand started in a back yard and rose to be one of the favorite bats in Major League Baseball. This maple bat is professional grade and ready for you to hone your big league action.

Features of the Marucci Youth Pro Model Maple

  • This bat is end-loaded with a large barrel that is reduced down for young players.
  • It has been bone rubbed for maximum density.

The benefits of the Marucci Youth Pro Model Maple

  • This bat is especially made for players who already have some experience.
  • Since this bat is heavier than many other bats, you can start practice with this bat and then switch to a lighter bat to help your speed.
  • It is crafted the same as the adult bat, but scaled down for young hitters.

The pros of the Marucci Youth Pro Model Maple

  • Available in different lengths 26-31 inches
  • Traditional knob
  • Traditional barrel
  • Maple wood handcrafted
  • Great pop
  • Well balanced
  • Bone rubbed for maximum density
  • 30-day warranty

The cons of the Marucci Youth Pro Model Maple

Most reviews were positive, but there were a few negative comments.

  • Three reviewers said that their bats broke, one after around two weeks, another after only three times at bat, and the third on the second day of use.
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