Best Youth Catcher Gears

Although youth (namely 13 and under) may not be playing competitively, finding the best youth catcher gear sets for 2016 is still essential as it will help not only to promote the experience of the game when learning but through the game it also helps promote life skills including leadership and team development as well as vital baseball skills such as flexibility, strength and game management. Which gear can be most suitable for the encouragement of the game, however? That is for you to decide.

The aim of this article is to attend to your needs and help you choose what the best gear is. We have divided the listing into three major categories: Names, the best of the best, the top rated and of course The best value.

The best of the best Youth Catcher Gear for 2016

The nomination was unanimous when it came to deciding that Easton Mako series is the best when it comes to youth catcher gear sets. They have been considered as more expensive than other brands, however, as a learning competitive or semi – competitive player this is exactly what you need. With a variety range of improved features in no time, you will see the quality of your game rise with potential for greatness increasing on every step.

Below are some of the features that set apart Easton Mako Series from its competitors:

  • Mako Chest Protector – This chest protector is set apart by its innovative design which assists in improving not only blocking and catching capability. It also leads to an unrestrictive throwing motion. Using form fitting material, this chest protector still allows you to have an amazing level of mobility as it moves when you move. Lastly but not least passed balls should no longer be any problem as the foam is shock resistant and aids with rebounding the balls directly in front of you!
  • Mako leg guards – Similar to that of the chest protector, the leg guards have a form fitting feature design that ensures the material fits directly over your legs. This allows you to maintain a wide range of motion for more protection the knee area has been padded with extra padding to allow a more comfortable feel while in the game.
  • Rival C Helmet – This is assuredly one of the most popular helmets designed by Easton, making use of an ABS shell, the helmet is perfectly adequate for ensuring that your head area is protected at all times. Fully approved by NOSCOE as well as carefully planned ventilation points to help keep you cool on those hot summer days it is no wonder that this set is perfect as a starter set.

Top Rated Youth Catcher Gear for 2016.

Although this brand is not sports specific, Mizuno Samurai G4 is known to provide high-quality equipment at affordable prices, this applies to baseball as well. This brand is indeed built for those wishing to compete at a competitive level and comes with the following unique features:

  • G3 Chest Protector – This chest protector has exceeded expectations when it comes to controlling those rebounds, ensuring that it deadens on impact. This chest protector has also been customized with detachable wings and shoulder pads – this helps to create a custom fit perfect to that of your body.
  • G3 Leg Guards – The same as the chest protector the leg guards are designed to offer a custom fit tailored to your needs with a triple knee design that gives these leg guards an increased level of flexibility while keeping the leg guards as light as it can be. Both leg guards come with stainless steel buckles to help ensure that they last for a longer period of time, essentially increasing their life span by many seasons.
  • G4 Helmet – This is accountably one of the most comfortable helmets available. This helmet was specifically designed with carefully placed ventilation holes to help ensure that the air circulation. Helping the wearer to remain calm, ready and focused. With a fully adjustable jaw pad that enables you to specifically fit the helmet to the size that you find most comfortable as well as 3 levels of foam padding which add to the sturdiness and protection that the helmet provides.

Best Value Youth Catcher Gear for 2016.

Easton Natural has managed to provide quality products for years that satisfy the customers needs. Perfect for all levels of catchers. The natural set is a much more affordable brand choice than that of premier league gear, allowing all catchers to receive good quality gear at a much cheaper cost. The natural series may not be the cheapest gear for you to obtain as a starter to baseball, however, it certainly is one of the greatest investments that you can make. Why? You may ask, below are some of the features that Easton Natural series has that sets it apart from its competitor brands for 2016:

  • Natural Chest Protector – Providing ample amount of protection, the natural chest protector still remains light, built with a multitude of layers of advanced foam. It has been designed to fully handle any rebounds as well as adequately protect the chest area. With the use of a double adjustment system on the back, players can expect comfort and with an increased ventilation throughout the plate, remaining cool will not be an issue.
  • Natural Leg Guards – With a customizable fit, you are able to adjust or even completely remove the toe caps that have been placed on each one. Fear not for protection, designed with a triple knee padding design – without a doubt the knee area will remain perfectly protected at all times. On top of all of this, an outstanding level of mobility is still provided with the use of this equipment helping you to efficiently increase the performance of your game.
  • Natural Catchers Helmet – Developed with an ABS outer shell, which is approved fully by NOCSAE you can guarantee that you will be safe from any impact that may occur. Taking comfort into priority however safety is no second, the helmet is fitted with a steel face mask which offers superb protection without hindering your eyesight.
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