Breaking In Your Baseball Gloves In A Right Way

Anyone that plays baseball knows how important it is to have the right baseball gear.  If you play baseball, you should also know that your baseball gloves are some of the most important baseball gear you have. You also know that breaking in your baseball gloves is of the up most importance.  For those of you who need to know how to break in your baseball gloves, or for those of you that would just like some added tips, read on.

There are several steps to breaking in your baseball gloves.  First, you must get shaving cream with lanoline in it.  Apply the shaving cream to a dry cloth.  Slowly work the shaving cream around the baseball gloves.  This lubricates the leather fibers in the baseball gloves.  A thin coating is all you need.  Then allow the gloves too dry for 24 hours.  Once dry, wipe the baseball gloves off.  Then play catch for 15 or 20 minutes.  This will stretch the gloves out and help them conform to your hand.

Breaking In Your Baseball Gloves

Breaking In Your Baseball Gloves

Next, get a baseball.  Take the ball and insert it into the pocket of the baseball gloves.  Then wrap a rubber band or some thick string around the baseball gloves and base ball.  You can also use a “Mitt Kit” to do this.  A Mitt Kit is a special wrap that you can use instead of string or rubber bands.  It is made by Rawlings.  Leave your baseball gloves like this for a day or whenever it is not in use.

You baseball gloves should start to get broken in now.  You can now apply a thin layer of “Glovolium” to the baseball gloves.  Glovolium is a type of oil for baseball gloves.  You can also use other kinds of baseball glove oil.  Allow it to dry for 24 hours.  The oil conditions and lubricates your baseball gloves.  You only need to use Glovolium or any other baseball glove oil twice a season.  Using it too often will ruin your baseball gloves.

The last part of breaking in your baseball gloves is to use it.  Play catch, toss the ball around, or toss the ball into your baseball gloves repeatedly with your free hand.  With regular use, your baseball gloves should be broken in no time at all.

The above steps are the most commonly used ways to break in baseball gloves.  Beware of silly myths to break in baseball gloves.  These myths often don’t make any sense and can permanently damage your baseball gloves.  With the careful practice of these steps and with some patience, you should be on your way to having great fitting baseball gloves that were broken in with ease.  You can then enjoy playing America’s favorite pastime, baseball!

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