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Looking for the latest baseball news and updates? Want to get the stats on your favorite professional team or athlete? Need some advice on winning every baseball match? We’ve got you covered!

A Quick Start Guide To Baseball In Japan

In the United States, the national pastime is called “baseball.” But in Japan, the same sport which they call ““yakyuu” (which literally means “field ball”)  is also one of the country’s most popular sports, both in terms of watching and playing the game. The Early Days of Baseball in Japan Baseball was brought over to […]

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The Washington Nationals: Getting Healthy and Ready for the Postseason

Just for a moment, forget the fact that the Washington Nationals have the second-highest winning percentage in all of baseball, and are currently tied with the Chicago Cubs for the best record in the National League since the All-Star break. What might be the most impressive takeaway for this Washington Nationals is how they’ve continued […]

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