Why Children like to Play Baseball

An eight year old’s perspective:

“Here comes the pitch. The batter looks at the ball.. swings and (((Crack!))) WHAT A HIT! THE BALL IS GOING DEEP INTO RIGHT FIELD. THIS ONE’S A GONNER! UP, UP AND WAY OVER THE FENCE. IT’S A HOME RUN TO WIN THE GAME!” Whether the World Series or the product of a child’s imagination, baseball is sure to be on peoples’ minds.

Spring time is here and my nephew just had to write about his favorite outdoor sport. He has spent the last few weeks learning the fundamentals and has been practicing his skills in baseball. As in other articles, I am going to quote him directly as he tells of one of his favorite things to do.

“Baseball is my FAVORITE sport! I love it because I like to hit the baseball in the air with the metal bat. I wish baseball leagues could use metal bats instead of wooden bats because metal bats hit farther and higher. I wish I could go into the little league baseball team. I love charging up my bat to do a “power swing“! A power swing is when you’ve waited a long time to hit the ball, so I swing as hard as I can. It makes me hit even higher and farther. In baseball, I love to be the batter and my second favorite position is to be a fielder. I also love to be the pitcher because I like to throw the ball. And when I do my power throw, I can throw even faster! I still need some practice, but I’m very good at batting and fielding. Me and my Dad can play baseball with two players, which is him and me. Sometimes my Mom and sister play with me and Dad. I love to play baseball with my next door neighbors and they are really good playing baseball with me. Hope you like my article. Bye!”

Well, today is sunny and warm, so I would bet he might just go practice some more today. Hopefully, he will have the chance to play in the next little league season. For now, he will have to practice in the back yard and continue to learn. This may be just a fad, but who knows? If he works hard enough and follows his passion, he could be in the World Series one day. After all, I would bet Nolan Ryan was also playing baseball in his backyard when he was eight years old.

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