2015 & 2016 DeMarini Insane Review


2015 DeMarini Insane was a one-piece design, which focused on providing hitters with a good balance, bat control, and a superior swing speed without losing “pop”. The 2015 DeMarini was built with the brand’s popular CS4 Aluminum alloy, which is distinguished to provide superior feel and a good performance.

It also came with a low profile D Cap, which is said to eliminate the vibration.


  • 1-Piece Bat Construction
  • Balance Swing Weight
  • Hybrid Comfort Grip
  • Low Profile D End Cap
  • SC4 Aluminum Alloy
  • USSSA BPF 1.15 Approval,
  • ATM Alloy 23/4-Inch Barrel.


The 2015 DeMarini without a doubt took the market by storm. It was one of the hottest bats last year. Many who have tested and used this bat gave it a five star rating citing great pop, superior performance, extra comfort and durability. The company’s one year warranty also wowed many.


Making an entry this year is the 2016 DeMarini Insane. The 2016 Insane now comes crafted with a 100% SC4 Aluminum Alloy, which gives it a better feel and an improved performance. The big D End Cap on this insane is also designed to absorb vibration and provide extra comfort.

The big D end Cap on the 2016 DeMarini also works with the increased 25/8” barrel to keep the swing weight low and the sweet spot lethal. Much like the brand insane series, this bat is a great single piece that performs well at a great price. It also comes with BBCOR and NCAA approval.

  • USSSA BPF 1.15 Stamp,
  • ATM Alloy 25/8-Inch Barrel,
  • 5oz-3oz Length to Weight Ratio,


  • 1-Piece Bat Construction,
  • Balance Swing Weight,
  • Hybrid Comfort Grip,
  • GSP Alloy Handle,
  • Low Profile D End Cap,
  • 100% SC4 Aluminum Alloy,


Much like the 2015 model, the 2016 Insane has also enjoyed a good reception. Hitters who’ve tested and used this bat are giving it a five star rating citing its soft and responsive barrel, stiff handle, swift swing, great pop, fast liners, superior performance, extra comfort and durability.


For the ardent fans of the 2015 Insane, not much has changed, there are features that have been improved on and carried over into the new model. Find below a comparative review of the two.

  • Demarini has increased size of the barrel from 23/4” to 25/8 to improve its performance.
  • The company has also used 100% alloy in the new model for a better feel and improved performance.
  • Demarini has also improved the 2015’s D fusion to a 2.0 connection in the new model to further eliminate vibration and improve on comfort.
  • The 2.0 version of the D-fusion in the 2016 Insane also works to redirect the energy of a mishit back to the barrel hence an extra “pop”.


2015 DeMarini Insane is a good bat. That is without a doubt. But the 2016 DeMarini Insane is way better. After making considerations based on several reviews and features of both bats as well as adjustments made on the 2015 version, we can say that if you are an elite power hitter looking for a quick, strong, and efficient swing with a power advantage then look for the 2016 Insane.

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