Develop a Stronger Throwing Arm

The Guys at Baseball before We Knew It would like our readers to take a serious look at the FastArm training aid as we do believe it will help your throwing ability by developing a stronger arm.

Put a FastArm in your Baseball Bag

The revolutionary FastArm throwing aid — designed by former Major League pitcher Bob Kaiser — uses leverage, momentum and centrifugal force to sharpen your throwing mechanics.

The popular training aid was recently named “Best of Show” at the 66th annual ABCA Convention held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. from January 6-9, 2011, and comes with a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

How the FastArm Works

When used correctly, the FastArm moves freely and effortlessly and programs your throwing mechanics while preparing your joints for higher speeds and loading.

Where muscle contractions are required, the FastArm provides instant feedback. The proper positioning of the end naturally guides your arm to rotate at key positions during the throwing motion.

With a little consistent practice, you learn to program your arm to make these transitions with less effort and great consistency. The result is less strain to your arm and a more efficient, powerful throw!

Believers in the Product

The FastArm is used and endorsed by Texas Rangers pitcher Neftali Feliz. In addition, former big league catcher Matt Walbeck – the current manager for the Class-A Rome Braves – is another big believer in the training aid.

“The FastArm is a great practice tool for all players — especially young players — to develop proper arm action that teaches arm pronation. It builds arm strength, improves overall body coordination and develops arm flexibility.”

– Matt Walbeck, 11-year MLB catcher

More on the FastArm

FastArm inventor Bob Kaiser, a third round pick in the 1968 draft, was called up to pitch for the Cleveland Indians in 1971 but a shoulder injury limited his big league career to six innings.

From that point on, Kaiser set out to make sure other baseball players wouldn’t suffer the same fate. He has made it his life-long mission is to help players at all levels – from little league to the pros — vastly improve their throwing abilities.

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