2015 & 2016 Easton S2 Review

2015 EASTON S2 Review

The Easton Power Brigade line is back in 2015 with the usual suspects. The Speed (S), XL, and MAKO lines will once again grace the plates of little leagues, high school and colleges around the country. The black 2015 S2 Youth bat is all about giving hitters an optimized feel with a nice sweet spot! Crafted with as a 2-piece, using Hyperlite Matrix Alloy in the barrel, which is one of the best aluminum materials in the game. Combine the Hyperlite material and the expanded sweet spot and you have a great 1-2 punch ready to rip balls to the gap!

The barrel connects to the SIC Carbon Handle using the patented CXN ConneXion Technology. The SIC handle and the CXN connection work together to eliminate that unwanted vibration, while redirecting that contact energy right back into the barrel for awesome trampoline effect that’s going to give your hits mad pop! The S2 also comes with an ultra-thin 29/32” composite handle and performance diamond grip.

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  • -13 Length to Weight Ratio
  • 2 1/4 Barrel Diameter
  • Approved for play in Little League, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, AABC and USSSA
  • ConneXion Technology Maximizes Energy
  • Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Hyperlite Matrix Alloy Barrel
  • Performance Diamond GripSIC Black Carbon Handle


  • Aluminium bat
  • Very light
  • Balanced swing
  • Good for power hitters


  • Not recommended for hitters who prefer heavier swing weights
  • Not recommended for hitters who prefer one-piece bats
  • Need a BBCOR, drop 5 or 2 ¾ bat


2016 EASTON S2 Review : What’s new?

For 2016, Easton Bats moved their BBCOR line from the Speed (S) series of bats into the Z-Core Hybrid brand of names. However, in a few offerings, they kept the Speed (S) including, as pertains to this review, the 2016 Easton S2. From a recommendations standpoint, the 2016 Easton S2, like previous year’s iterations, fits the mold of a light swinging bat made for players who need more help in simply finding the ball at the plate than anything else. The bat’s saving grace, and what makes it at least recommendable for some hitters, is the two piece design which makes for a smoother feeling hit by reducing hand sting.

As such, players in that category tend to appreciate the larger barrels, and generally lower swing weight, found on composite bats these days making the appropriate market for the 2016 Easton S2 rather small.

As well, the fact the 2015 version is identical in all things but the grip and color when compared to the S2 make it’s nearly impossible to recommend the 2016 when the 2015 can be found less expensive as suppliers unload inventory.

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