The Five Best Mascots In Major League Baseball

Baseball mascots have become an most loved part of the the game we know, play and watch. They excite the crowd, entertain the fans, help their team sell more merchandise, and help promote their team’s presence through their own large social media followings. In other words: they’re superfans of the team, dressed in funny clothing.

Every team has a mascot, in some form or another. But since they don’t really get to compete with each other, outside of their occasional in-game hijinks, we really never get a chance to determine which one is the best one. That’s why we thought we’d step in, and provide our ranking.

Top five mascots in Major League Baseball (MLB):

# 5. Screech The Eagle -When baseball returned to our nation’s capital in 2005, the Washington Nationals prepared its fans for the birth of the team’s new mascot. They unveiled a large egg that they just “happened” to find at RFK Stadium (the first home of the Nationals when they moved to Washington, D.C.), which hatched a couple of weeks into the season, revealing Screech The Eagle. Over a decade later, a fully-grown Screech eagerly cheers on his hometown Nationals, as they’ve become one of the best teams in baseball.

# 4. Mr. Met – Mr. Met is a simple man; after all, he’s just a man with a very large baseball for a head. But that doesn’t mean the mascot for the New York Mets is forgettable man. Mr. Met has done everything from serving as the spokesman for MTA New York City Transit, promoting the MLB 06: The Show video game, and even appearing in commercials for ESPN’s flagship program SportsCenter, next to guys like Josh Hamilton and (the late) Stuart Scott.

Mr. Met and Mrs. Met During the 7th Inning Stretch

# 3. The Oriole Bird – The Oriole Bird has been the official mascot and goodwill ambassador for the Baltimore Orioles, since also hatched out of an egg at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium, back in 1979. But the Oriole is more than just a game day attraction; he can be booked for birthday parties, private events, or anywhere else the baseball-crazy fans of Baltimore would like to have graced with his presence. As you’d suspect with a Baltimore native, one of his favorite foods is crabcakes; of course, that’s second on the list, behind bird seed. Go figure.

The Oriole Bird

# 2. The San Diego Chicken – The Bird is not only busy during the baseball season, but all year round, and would make a great addition to your next event. The San Diego Chicken isn’t just your usual baseball mascot. He’s become something of a cult celebrity in the mascot world. After hatching from his egg, in front of 47,000 fans of the San Diego Padres back in 1979, the famous chicken spends travelling the nation and visiting children along the way, when he’s not interacting with the fans (mostly the children) during Padres games. If you ever cross his path, make you ask him to “lay one on you” if you want a high-five from the chicken.

# 1. The Phillie Phanatic – Our # 1 pick…What, exactly, is the Phillie Phanatic? Well, he’s a flightless bird, of sorts. He’s large, green, and furry. He’s quirky, entertaining, and funny. And he’s widely acknowledged as not only the best baseball mascot, but the most recognizable mascot in all of North American sports. You can usually find him at Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, doing things like dancing provocatively in front of the opposing team, mocking opposing players, or simply stomping on any paraphernalia supporting the team playing his Phillies. Their is nothing he can’t do and very deserving of our first place position, well we figure you don’t agree with this right? 🙂
Phillie Phanatic

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