How to get your little Leaguer Ready for the Season

When I was younger, one thing I always looked forward to was the start of the Little League season. Playing baseball outside with my friends… well, what could be better?

If that is the attitude that your child has about Little League, then great! Unlike higher levels of baseball, Little League is all about having fun and learning the fundamentals of baseball.

While you can help them have fun by not putting any pressure on them (because after all, it is Little League), you can also get them ready by helping them learn the fundamentals of baseball. Once they learn these skills, they will be more successful, and that will usually help to make things even more fun.

One thing to do is just to go out and play catch with them. That will help them with their throwing technique, as well as helping them get better at catching the ball. At such a young age, the best way to get better is just by practicing, and they can do that by just playing catch. If you’re playing catch with them, you might even try throwing them grounders or popups. It makes things more fun and exposes them to different types of things that they’ll see out on the baseball field.

Another thing to help them get ready is to throw some pitches to them and let them swing away. As long as they are learning the proper way to swing, this will be a fun exercise for them and will help them get the fundamentals down.

So Little League is all about having fun and learning the fundamentals. You can help them get ready by just pitching to them or simply playing catch with them… that will help them learn how to get better as well as helping them have fun.

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