Grip Coaching Points

  • A loose grip means fast hands.  Not too loose but you want to make sure you are not squeezing the bat too tight causing your hands to bind up thus slowing down the swing.
  • Don’t grip the bat too deep in the palm of the bottom hand, as this will also cause the hands to bind up.
  • Ensure the small knuckles (the one’s you would knock on a door with) on the top hand should line up with the small knuckles of the lower hand.  This doesn’t have to be exact as comfort is still important.  As we discussed above this is not always possible and should not be the key driver of a good grip.
  • You should realize under playing conditions you don’t have time to walk the process slowly as the pitcher is ready to throw.  You should practice this during your home training sessions so it becomes second nature.  Once you get this in your muscle memory it can be done almost immediately when you are at the plate.  You will find that you will not have to even check the grip once you get it into your memory.
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