Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine Review

As an enthusiastic baseball player, your goal is to ensure that you continually improve your skills to get that edge over your opposition, if only it was that simple 🙂  This is why you need the right equipment to achieve that edge on game day.

Deciding to purchase a pitching machine can be a huge investment so be prepared to dig deep into those pockets for the right machine. As such, it’s imperative that you carry out the necessary research to determine the best pitching machine that’ll last for seasons to come and be a vital tool for building your skills at the plate.

When it comes to selecting the best pitching machine, there are lots of options out there, and that can create a lot of confusion.

Therefore, it is pretty difficult to find a baseball pitching machine which not only throws consistent balls in a controlled manner that challenges the players but can also throw various pitches at a speed that mimics a first-class game pitcher.

If you’re a passionate baseball player, then you must have seen pitching machines online and perhaps tried more than a few. So, what makes the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine different from the rest looking for your hard earned cash? Take a look at the best deals on the Hack Attack Here.


10 Key Features of the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine:

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine has been hyped as a versatile sports training tool and the unit can certainly back this up claim to. Here are some of those features:

  1. Once you have got this baseball pitching machine unit ready, it can throw a broad variety of pitches including curveballs, fastballs, sliders, split fingers and breaking pitches, and you can change the settings, so it throws right or left handed.
  2. Additionally, the machine can throw up to 100 mph, which excellent for serious players, and it can hurl head pivots in all directions, precisely what you want for ground balls, pop-ups and fly balls.
  3. This pitching machine has an added benefit of being portable thus you can bring it with you in your vehicle, and it is small enough to pass a doorway.
  4. If you are uncomfortable with the elevation, adjust the setting, and unlike those on two-wheel machines, you do not have to let go a locking mechanism. With a two-wheel system, not only do you’ve to release the lock, but you should also reset the throwing head manually and re-lock it.
  5. Its tough heat-treated alloy, high tensile, and weather-resistant aluminum casting throwing head protect the throwing mechanism.
  6. The machine is also quite heavy to absorb recoil and ensure high accuracy, yet quite portable and can be moved easily by only one individual.
  7. One of the most outstanding features of this pitching machine is the three-wheel design, since the ball is visible enough during the entire process, from the feeding, acceleration and the pitch.
  8. With the manner in which the machine has been designed, you will know the stride and the release angle, offering a genuine sense of timing and location. The extra broad tripod base ensures real safety and stability on the baseball playing surfaces or pitching mounds.
  9. The throwing wheels outlast all other baseball pitching machine wheels and do not melt in the direct summer heat. Sports Attack has never replaced any wheel from heat exposure or wear.
  10. The rugged powder-coated rustproof steel frame guarantees unlimited seasons of use.

More Points:

There are simple dials for adjusting the speed at which a player can pitch the balls, and shifting from left to right pitching is easy. Also, there is an elevation adjustment which will raise or lower the pitch. There aren’t a lot of whistles and bells on the Hack Attack, and that is fine since it has got great features that do matter.

Once you finish playing you can tilt the machine, set the legs and just roll it. Besides, the device has front wheel guards which ensure that the throwing wheels do not touch the ground.

This unit is compatible with a broad range of soft practice balls, regulation baseballs, dimpled practice balls and Wiffle balls. The unit doesn’t need any assembly. It comes out of the box ready to use, so there is no need to mess around with any assembly or swear words 🙂


  • Easy to set up and use, plug-in & play!
  • Can throw a enormous variety of pitches.
  • Comes with a one year warranty.
  • The most durable pitching machine on the market.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Five Star Reviews from actual buyers on Amazon.


  • The price of the Hack Attack may be higher than what some players would want to pay.

Is This Pitching Machine For You?

The Hack Attack can suit any pitch that’ll come your way, even the knuckleball can be thrown. It is easy to adjust with its dials, unlike two-wheeled units. Once adjusted, it’ll offer you the same pitch all times without having to be reset.

Final Verdict

The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine by Sports Attack is a well-designed machine for serious players. If you want to boost your game, this unit can help you in many areas. It is not just wickedly fast; it is versatile as well.

It can throw any pitch you want from the left or right -hand angle. It is easy to change with dials, and you can easily carry with you. If you are serious about baseball, this is the perfect pitching machine for you. It’ll help you boost your skills but it ain’t on the cheap side of the fence.

As the reviews of this machine have pointed out by actual buyers it delivers as the sales pitch says. It is not solely perfect, but it is pretty close and offers a variety level which you cannot find anywhere else.


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