HIT-A-WAY PTS Baseball Training Station Review

HIT-A-WAY PTS Baseball Training Station is not only every player’s delight but also a complete functional training system that allows you to practice swinging without running after the ball. The swing mechanics used on it are effective and simple making it suitable for beginners and all newbies. It has a compact design that allows you to dismantle and carry it with a lot of ease. Its strong construction also ensures that it’s durable and will last many years of tough training sessions.

Features HIT-A-WAY Baseball Training Station:

  • Its design is easy to set up and collapse for simple carrying and storage.
  • @ 1 hit every 7 seconds you can get about 8 swings in every minute.
  • It’s strongly built for rugged regular use.
  • It allows you to develop good swing mechanics.
  • It’s integrated system now has a shorter cord for a much better rotation.
  • HIT-A-WAY PTS allows you to improve your timing, pacing, and confidence.
  • It locks into place to allow for safety and stability.
  • It’s ideal for the team to train with or individual practice.
  • Use in softball or baseball training.


  • Material is high quality steel.
  • Model is HW01-PTS.
  • Assembled product weight is 17 LBs.


  • It allows you to go through the swinging motions and hit something instead of just swinging in the open.
  • Since you cannot always practice with someone, this training system is good for practicing alone.
  • It allows you to get used to throwing and setting up a hit very quickly.
  • If you hit it fairly well it will come back nicely.
  • If you try it out on concrete you will notice that HIT-A-WAY PTS very stable. Although it picks up a little, this is not enough to notice since it has the wheels assembling it is easy and nice.


  • It doesn’t have any realistic path of the real pitch. This means you can do great but still have a hard time in the field as it’s not been adapted to the random levels and speed of swing that takes place in the pitch. It’s important to know this so as to frequently adjust the height to ensure that it’s better rounded.
  • Unless you hit the ball well it can limp back. While this interferes with the timing it takes some time to get used to this as it affects the young who can’t hit as hard yet.
  • Unless you are a star who can hit it perfectly every time, you may want to use an aluminum or junk wooden bat. This is because using a bat causes all types of dents on it due to the big plastic piece that it has at the end.


Because of its sturdy frame and great quality, HIT-A-WAY PTS is an amazing tool designed for a variety of ages. It’s good for hand-eye coordination and for older kids since it can teach them how to turn their hips at the correct time. More so, it’s extremely easy to set up and store away when you are done with your training session.

However, as a player, you may need to use a wooden bat so that you do not dent a good alloy bat. So, get out and give your baseball game the kind of training that it deserves with this portable training station that has many positive reviews from actual buyers.

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