How to Pitch in Baseball in a right way

Pitching is very critical to the success of a team as good pitching will usually beat good hitting.  Getting prepared is just as important for pitchers as it is for hitters and it’s this training that will drill proper mechanics not to mention it plays a key roll in getting the arm ready for competitive level play and to avoid possible injury.

At the younger age group there are always players that can throw the ball hard enough and accurate enough to get outs regardless of mechanics; but as they get older mechanics take over as the competitions ability levels off.  The players with good fundamental pitching mechanics take over and those that don’t have the foundation or at best left behind or worse yet they get injured.

I want to say right now, you as a coach or parent can do a lot of harm to young players if you push them to pitch without proper mechanics.  I would even recommend you not just take my word for it either.  Get some good advice from a good pitching coaching in your community.  There really is no room for error here.  Poor mechanics will usually lead to a pitcher being hurt and sometimes very seriously.  This is not like breaking an arm or leg that will usually heal just fine. Poor pitching mechanics can lead to very serious elbow and shoulder problems that could disable a player.  It’s just not worth it so please commit right now to learn correct fundamental pitching mechanics and drill it into your players or child.

Good mechanics help ensure the pitcher can maximize his velocity and control while reducing the chance of serious injury.  I’m providing you with my high level mechanics that I teach young players but this chapter is designed as an overview so I don’t have the time to go into the specific mechanics required to develop a good delivery.  Do your research or feel free to email me with any questions you have.

Last word of advice I have for you is that it’s very important to keep things simple when you are developing a delivery for young players.  This will give them the best chance to throw with good velocity and be very consistent with their pitching. 

We break down pitching mechanics into 5 phases:

Phase 1:  Stance / Setup

Phase 2:  Knee Raise / Balance Point

Phase 3:  Break

Phase 4:  Landing / Power Position

Phase 5:  Extension / Follow-Through

A word about the pitching section:  There is a lot of information here and I suggest you simply walk yourself or a player through the fundamentals of a good delivery.  Break it down in a slow point by point fashion.  This will help you understand what you should be doing.  You can also email us should you have a question about a particular point and we will be happy to explain it to you.

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