SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Training Machine Review

The Hurricane Batting Trainer is an immensely useful tool for baseball and softball players. It can be used by players to improve their slugging percentages and batting average without any external help.

The Hurricane Category 4 Training Machine comes loaded with unique features and advanced design to enhance the training experience all by your lonesome self.

Versatile Design:

This batting trainer has been designed specifically to improve the overall hitting efficiency of players. It features 4 power bands providing different elastic resistances. Using these bands, players can change the tension and learn to drive the ball through the pitch so that they don’t pull off with incomplete swings. The machine features integrated mechanism for ball and stick which means players don’t need to chase after balls while practicing.

The machine features heavy-duty construction for handling power strokes easily, it has been described by actual owners as “construction appears indestructible”. Although this machine features a robust frame, it only weighs a mere 37 pounds which makes it ideal for shifting about according to use. The package also has a bag which can be used to carry this machine without hassle. Paired with a non-slip base with four feet, this machine can be used indoors as well as outdoors on a variety of surfaces. The machine can be easily set up and moved for practicing anywhere and anytime.

SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Batting Trainer, Solo Swing Trainer for Baseball and Softball, Tee Practice or Dynamic Moving Target, Adjustable Height for any Player or Ball Position, Develop Swing Power

Special features:

The balls and bands are painted yellow so that players can easily see them while practicing. This helps in improving the hand eye co-ordination and reflex time. The Hurricane batting trainer can be used to practice hitting stationary and dynamic targets as required. Therefore, people can even use this tool for improving hip rotation, switch hitting techniques, stance etc.
Multi-twist design helps to provide immediate feedback for every swing.

The revolutions give an apt idea about the bat speed and are a good way to judge power and contact. With adjustable equipment, the machine can be used for versatile practicing. The batting trainer can be adjusted in height from 29 inches to 43 inches for imitating high and low pitches. Power bands can be used to change between different speeds making the machine ideal for practicing a wide range of pitches.

Additional Stuff:

  • Pros:
    4 power bands for different speeds, Adjustable pitch height between 29 to 43 inches, Easily visible targets, Multi-twist design for immediate feedback, Sturdy and non-slip base, Lightweight design of 37 pounds, Strong frame, Parts available, Great portability with easy assembly & disassembly, Rated by over 500 users @ 4.5 Stars on Amazon, Covered by warranty.


  • Professional league players may find it not strong enough in design over time, Users report delays in stock of spare parts.


  • This batting trainer is a great alternative to regular practices and to save time by practicing at home in the yard or practice undercover by throwing a few weights on the stand legs.
  • In their own words a number of teams and individual players have shown improved batting performance after using this machine.
  • The Hurricane Category 4 Training Machine has been favored widely by baseball players due to its unique features and strong build.
  • This unit is priced affordably and can be used by anyone that can swing a bat.
  • It also comes with an international warranty and good customer service making the machine a good buy.
  • Overall, this batting trainer is an excellent choice for parents, coaches and players.
  • It’s the best swing trainer under the $200.00 mark by far.
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