I have been training a promising baseball player

He has some degrees of natural talent but most… not so much. Regardless, it became quickly evident which had some formal training… and most of them were the better baseball player on the field. The point is how quickly it became clear and how far behind others were when compared to those with that experience.

It’s Not A Coincidence…
Piano, chess, gymnastics, computer sciences all have paid teachers in our school systems, unfortunately we don’t have a teacher for our baseball player . You can get private lessons for your baseball player after school and on weekends. Many kids attend camps during school & summer breaks.

Students accomplish and rise to the top levels of their interests by chronic, consistent practice with quality repetitions headed either by a professional teacher or by a parent who has the time, skills and interest to help there baseball player.

Here’s Some Great Options:

  • Do Nothing: Enjoy the local baseball player leagues with their 20 plus game seasons in the spring and/or maybe in the fall… its fun to go and watch and make the experience a part of your family…enjoy it, as it goes so quickly!
  • The Paid Instructor: Everything costs money. All it takes sometimes is  for a baseball player to hear instructions from a different voice.
  • Do It Yourself Baseball Player Coaching: Yes, you can! There are so many individual skills that a baseball player must learn along the way that I have little doubt that any parent can learn to help move kids up the ladder…especially at the lower rungs of the younger ages… The entire game is not for Rocket Surgeons alone to teach… and don’t be shamed into thinking so… It’s your money and your player(s)!
  • The Combo Method –  Find the aspects of the game you feel surefooted about and have some fun out in the yard or a local park or field and then take a look through our sites (our area of expertise is baseball like Dusty Baker and fastpitch training for backyard, teams and leagues).

We offer tons of free instructional articles, inexpensive instructional dvd’s & books and backyard stations that are fun and won’t break the bank.

Now you will have even more knowledge and a few fun toys and tools to get you going!  

These are tough times and everything seems to cost money but if you start with free and add what seems within reach…you’ll be amazed how much you can teach your baseball player. 

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