Insider Hitting Point 3 – Plate Coverage

Plate coverage is an important part of getting setup and prepared to hit the baseball but is often overlooked by coaches of all levels.  Lack of plate coverage can cause the player to swing the bat on the wrong plane and make them alter the key hitting points to obtain good square contact.

So, what is plate coverage?

When we talk about plate coverage we are talking about the players setting up in a way to ensure the baseball bat can reach (cover) the entire distance of home plate all the way to the outside corner and usually 1 inch beyond it.  This coverage is crucial to hitting the outside pitch and maintain good sound key hitting point fundamentals throughout the swing.

Getting into a good position…

We teach our players to get into the batter’s box holding the bat with the bottom hand closest to the pitcher keeping the knees slightly bent and the head leaning forward.  The player’s weight should be slightly forward and up on the balls of his feet.  The player then reaches out and ensures he can touch the ground just outside the plate.  Setting up in this position keeps the player at the correct distance from the plate to ensure he can complete a sound fundamental swing and cover pitches over the entire plate area.

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